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"48 STARS" is a documentary film that explores the World War II era through the eyes of the people who lived it: veterans, civilians, participants and resisters. From stories of deadly combat to unexpected romance to deeply held but unpopular convictions, to revolutionary inspiration, "48 STARS" takes the viewer on a vivid journey of personal reflections and memories. Many Americans were tested to their very limits, but nearly all joined together in solidarity under the emblem of a nation.

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Address: 16575 S 96th Street
Papillion, NE 68046
"48 STARS" is a Nebraska non-profit established to produce an educational documentary film about the WWII era. The production team is based in Omaha, NE, working under the advisement of a board of directors and a military advisory board. This production team has traveled from Harlem to Honolulu collecting unforgettable stories of WWII veterans, civilians, participants, and resistors. Each story penetrates to the heart of a unique American experience.
"When you see it waving you know your home. No matter where it's at, you know you're home."
-Sibby Lebeau, WWII US Navy

Excerpt from travel journal dated August 4, 1939:
"We were initiated into Nazi Germany with "Heil Hitlers", swastika flags, propaganda posters, soldiers, military trucks, uniformed Hitler Youth cycling and hiking. On the sides of several buildings we saw signs in German saying 'Jews not wanted'. Many expect war before the month is over.....the situation is charged with danger and plenty of it."
-Robert Kreider, WWII Conscientious Objector

"Patriotism is not a blind following of the leaders and the flag. Patriotism means finding and sticking up for what is humanistic."
-Jay Wenk, WWII Infantry, Battle of the Bulge

"We steamed in and bombarded the coast of Okinawa. I was 19 years old at that time. It scared the hell out of me. We were bombarded by kamikazes."
- Doyle Boothroy, WWII US Navy

"It's hard to say 'this is my country' when they say 'no, really, you're second class, this is NOT your country'
-Dabney Montgomery, WWII Tuskegee Airmen

"I'm proud of that flag. I'm a firm believer in Old Glory, and that's that."
George Williams, US Army Paratrooper

"What survives when our WWII military veterans have passed are the stories, unique and personal, but only if we preserve them. That is why 48 STARS is so important and time is critical: it needs to be done now."
- Roger P. Lempke, MAJ GEN (USAF Retired)

"This is very important work. You are recording primary source information that would be gone forever someday. A thousand 'Bravos' from me."
- Dale Larsen

"Living history is being creatively recorded, preserved and anchored in the fibers of a unique 48 Star American flag, a flag that has flown above the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship where WWII began for the United States with the attack on Pearl Harbor and ended with the surrender of Japan.
48 STARS, a well-conceived and directed project, is worth supporting."
- Hal Daub

"Thank you for doing this project! Time passes and we forget (especially the young). Thanks for jogging my memory."
- Gregg Learned

"What an amazing project! Can't wait to see this"
- Steve Horner

"48 STARS is preserving and not letting us forget the price and sacrifices made by those who fought for our country's freedom during a terrible time in human history. This film documentary represents our love for those individuals that loved our country enough to give their all."
- Naomi Brummond

"There are times when a Nation calls on man to defend and define its way of life and that of other Nations. A call that few have heard and even fewer who can begin to understand what it means. This is but a mere view into those few who heard that call, and a lesson for us all."
- Kelly R. Hoskins, MAJ (USA Retired)

"The 48 STARS project is the making of a documentary movie that features WW ll war veterans telling in their own words what it meant to fight for our freedom under the 48 Stars. This is history in the making and a time capsule for our youth. This is patriotism at its finest!"
- Pat Loontjer