providing a safe place for Hope recovery and unity in cb since1980 providing safe environment for 12-step fellowships for individuals inthe community who sufferfrom addiction alcoholism,drug abuse we also have Bible study weekly,community breakfast on Sundays,bilingual meetings as well it's not rehab nor isit Outpatient Treatment some of our members have been court ordered but it is always free of charge,free will donations through our own members contributions

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Address: 200 16th ave
Council bluffs , IA 51503
Currently our facility helps more than 800 individuals in our community each month. Through our 12-step programs . We also have a pastor who meets regularly for Bible studies. And Spanish 12-step meetings. We would like to help more but we are limited on space as we've been at our location for 36 years we either need to move or remodel. We would like to be able to have twelve-step programs or support groups for PTSD. Individuals with gambling problems. Codependency and create a reentry program for individuals with non-violent crimes who are being released from prison or jail. But our current facility has limited space. In order to make any of this possible we would need the communities help.. thank you in advance