The Omaha Home for Boys changes and saves the lives of at-risk young men and women ages 14-24 years as part our mission "to support and strengthen youth, young adults and families." The Home's core programs are residential care, transitional living and independent living. The young men and women served lack housing and other basic needs, and face barriers to academic success, employability, critical life skills training and self-sufficiency.
Inspiration Hill Residential Care: The Omaha Home for Boys Residential Care Program serves high school age boys throughout the state of Nebraska. These young men are at risk and typically engaged within the court and probation systems. They struggle with academic skills and truancy, drug and alcohol addiction, behavioral disorders and gang affiliations.

The impact is measured through improvement in academic skills, increased credit recovery, participation in individual and family therapy, increased sound decision making, exhibiting appropriate behaviors and successful reunification with family or an alternative forever home, with no further involvement in the court system.

Educational Services: Educational services support young men and women who are enrolled in any of the Home's programs. The vast majority of clients are credit deficient and have struggled in school due to a lack of academic skills, behavioral issues, truancy, or drug and alcohol abuse.

The impact is measured through improved school attendance, improved GPAs, credits earned, higher graduation rates and enhanced social skills. This is accomplished through an emphasis on Treatment Team collaboration, evidence-based practices of social skill development, behavioral interventions and academic support.

Jacobs' Place Transitional Living Program: Jacobs' Place assists young men and women ages 17 to 20 who are in need of support and services to become self-sufficient and live independently. The program assists young adults in breaking the cycle of poverty. With the help of one-on-one support from program staff, young adults are able to develop the skills necessary to successfully transition to independence and meet their basic needs related to housing, food, personal safety and access to health care.

The impact is measurable through increased safe adult support and mentoring, community involvement, improved academic skills, workforce readiness, money management, physical and mental health, volunteerism and transportation/mobility and other self-sufficiency skills.

Branching Out Independent Living Program: Branching Out serves young men and women ages 14 to 24 living in the community. Branching Out is a voluntary program where the young person dictates their own program needs and goals.

The impact is measured through formalized and individualized goal setting, safe housing, improvement in academic skills, participation in employment training, improved independent living and self-sufficiency skills.

"Without a doubt in my mind, anyone who qualifies for the Omaha Home for Boys Branching Out Independent Living program should pursue it."- Severon, a young man in the program (14-24 years old)

"I am somebody that matters, and I feel that every day from everyone at Jacobs' Place." - Theresa, a young woman who benefited from the Home's Jacobs' Place Transitional Living (17-20 years old) program

"I was headed in the wrong direction before coming to the Home. Now, I'm excited to see where I can go from here." - Cedric, a young man in the Home's Residential Care (14-18 years old) program