Omaha Home for Boys inspires and equips at-risk youth with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to become independent, productive adults. Our mission to support and strengthen youth, young adults and families, is achieved through three core programs: Inspiration Hill Residential Care, Jacobs' Place Transitional Living and Branching Out Independent Living.

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Address: 4343 N. 52nd Street
Omaha, NE 68104
Inspiration Hill Residential Care utilizes a family environment and behaviorally-based curriculum to equip young men with positive skills and the ability to make sound decisions. Youth attend the Omaha Home for Boys School and have the opportunity to utilize support services, such as employment, wellness and 4-H. In 2017, the Residential Care Program served 96 young men.

Jacobs' Place Transitional Living takes youth out of the cycle of poverty and gives them the support they want and need to achieve independence. Young men and women live at the Jacobs' Place apartment complex while building the skills they need to transition to their own independent living situation. In 2017, Jacobs' Place served 59 youth and young adults.

Branching Out Independent Living increases the self-sufficiency of former foster care youth by helping them build the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to thrive on their own. Young men and women receive guidance in the areas of education, employment, housing and basic life skills. In 2017, 141 young men and women sought the assistance of Branching Out.

"If I hadn't come to Omaha Home for Boys, my life would still be horrible. I wouldn't be caught up on my school credits. I'd probably still be running the streets doing dumb stuff. Now I feel like whatever I dream of, it's going to come true." Markus, former Inspiration Hill Residential Care client - Meet Markus:

"I love my apartment. I love it! I was blessed to be at Jacobs' Place because I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing now if I wasn't there. Now I'm happy. I like being on my own. It's a great feeling." Mizetta, former Jacobs' Place Transitional Living client - Meet Mizetta:

"Now my life is blissful. It's full of bliss! I'm 19 and my life is going forward instead of backward and, like, I've got this. I've got it!" Mahalia, current Branching Out Independent Living client - Meet Mahalia: