Omaha Street School

Empowering the lives of at risk youth through personalized education, life skills training, and a moral code in a Christ-centered environment. The Omaha Street School opened its doors in January 1999 and since then almost 600 young people have walked through those doors. Today classroom size averages eight to ten students so they feel that they are valued as individuals and that they are part of a nurturing family. Among the instructors, staff, and volunteers, they find hope.

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Address: 3223 N 45th St
Omaha, NE 68104
- We are a faith-based non-profit 501(c)3.
- We are an accredited high school in the state of NE by AdvanceEd.
- We provide safety, respect, manners, and love.
- We expect behavioral and academic integrity from staff and students.
- We strive to address the needs of the whole person: academic, vocational, personal, spiritual.
- We have a unique model designed to develop community and foster success.
- We see positive transformation on a daily basis.
"This school truly saved my life. It helped me grow. After 8+ years in a private school and 2 1/2 in a public (high) school, the teachers at OSS taught me the true importance of education. They helped me regain confidence in myself... Most importantly, they provided not only, me, but each one of their students with love and understanding. My OSS family is one I will carry in my heart forever!" - Elizabeth D., former student

" 'S' is a student who normally does not open up and share. It was very difficult to get to know him and crack his tough exterior. I assigned his English class an essay in which they had to describe a pivotal moment in their lives. 'S' wrote more in that first day of drafting than I had ever seen him write! He detailed all of the obstacles he had faced in his young life, including his dad's incarceration and being abandoned by his mom. His pivotal moment came when he learned he was about to be a teen dad. He wanted to be someone his son could look up to, and he started taking steps to get sober, leave the gang, and graduate from high school. I felt really blessed to be let in to his thoughts and read about his experiences. " - E, former instructor