Partnership 4 Kids

For 29 years, Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) has been serving youth who come with a story of survival, endurance and desire to succeed. P4K's mission is to mentor these children for college today, and careers tomorrow. Through a customized curriculum of academic & social mentoring, along with the support of over 400 dedicated mentors, P4K helps each of the 6,100 students they serve believe in a future rooted in equal access to education & opportunity.

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Address: 1004 Farnam St Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68102
Partnership 4 Kids helps students create a foundation for success from pre-kindergarten to careers through our 4 program pillars: goal setting, mentoring, college access, and career exploration.

In 2017:

100% of P4K students graduated high school for the 4th time in the past 5 years!

According to a social return on investment analysis conducted by the University of Nebraska-Omaha Grace Abbott School of Social Work, for every $1.00 invested in P4K programming, there was an average return of $2.78 to participants!

475 5th and 6th grade students were honored at the annual Goal Achievement Honors Ceremony!

568 4th Grade Students toured the University of Nebraska-Omaha!

547 5th Grade Students participated in career tours hosted by local businesses across the community!

P4K Middle School Students attended school 7 MORE DAYS than a comparison group of students in their own school!

P4K Middle School Students have met OR EXCEEDED the GPA benchmark of 3.0 for the 4th consecutive year!

92% of High School Students reported, "I am motivated to go to college, trade, or technical school."

P4K High School Students attended school 10 MORE DAYS than a comparison group of students!

$258,000 in P4K scholarships were awarded to 134 P4K college students!

7,961 hours were volunteered by mentors in P4K, logging a 92% mentor satisfaction rate!

100% of P4K's staff members support P4K programming through in-kind giving and financial contributions!

100% of P4K's Board of Directors support P4K programming through donations of time, in-kind giving, and financial contributions!

P4K's work is made possible by more than 400 mentors, 25 community partners, and individuals like you. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of preparing our next generation for a lifetime of success! Together we are building a stronger community by inspiring hope, engaging minds, and preparing our future leaders for a lifetime of success!
"The positive impact of P4K is a heart-warming story and can create a major change in our community."
-Michael B. Yanney, Founder, Partnership 4 Kids

"In some of these young kids' situations this can be the only positive reinforcement they get about continuing that pursuit of growth and development. Partnership 4 Kids gives these kids hope that they can pursue whatever they want to pursue."
-Tim Burke, President & CEO, Omaha Public Power District,
and Vice Chair of the P4K Board

"If you believe there's hope and that light at the end of the tunnel is close enough, you say, 'I can do this, I can get through this and have opportunities.' Partnership 4 Kids brings that positive adult in to bring that light at the end of the tunnel a little closer to students, where there's a belief or hope that they can succeed."
-Dr. Mark Evans, Superintendent, Omaha Public Schools

"I think the glue that keeps people coming back is that they feel like they're making a difference and they are connecting to the relationships they build with these youth."
-Tracy Wells, Director of Volunteer Resources,
Partnership 4 Kids

"I'm so appreciative of the opportunities I've been given. These people [Partnership 4 Kids] truly are in your life, they truly care for you. When you have people in your corner who support you and encourage you, even when you go through highs and lows, they keep you motivated."
-Monique Cribbs, Partnership 4 Kids Alum and
Current P4K Parent

"Mentoring has taught me my purpose in life: to show our youth they can do anything they put their minds to."
-Maurice Kimsey, Mentor,
Partnership 4 Kids

"Partnership 4 Kids success stems from the hope they provide kids in our community. From goal setting to mentoring, they allow kids to change their perspective on what is possible and what they can achieve. This change in their world view provides a sense of hope that they may not receive outside of P4K and is the key to improving their development and future."
-Patrick Burke, Service League President,
Partnership 4 Kids

"Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) is an encouraging place where students find support as they work to become the best version of themselves. My time at P4K has taught me that we can raise others up by treating them as the person they will become regardless of where they may be at their current moment."
-Nick Sasada, High School Program Director,
Partnership 4 Kids
"It is an honor to work at P4K and to share our wisdom, compassion and skills with students and mentors."
-Joanne Poppleton, Middle School Program Director,
Partnership 4 Kids