For 27 years Partnership 4 Kids has been serving disadvantaged youth, each with a story of survival, endurance and desire to succeed. P4K's mission is to mentor these youth for college today, and careers tomorrow. Through education-based curriculum, research and 400+ devoted volunteers providing mentoring support, 5,400 children in poverty are learning to believe in themselves and in a future of opportunity. Together we will inspire hope, engage minds, and prepare our youth to succeed.
Partnership 4 Kids helps students create a foundation for success from kindergarten to careers through our 4 program pillars: goal setting, mentoring, college access, and career exploration.

97% of P4K students surveyed report, "I am motivated to go to college, trade or technical school.

92% of P4K seniors graduate from high school, on time.

87% of P4K's college scholarship recipients qualified to renew their scholarship for another year.

P4K middle school and high school students average nearly 4 fewer missed days of school per year than their non-P4K classmates.

In the 2015/16 academic year, P4K middle and high school average GPAs were above 3.0 for the third year in a row.

P4K NeSA scores in math and reading for 3rd-6th grades have improved at a more rapid rate than OPS comparison schools over the past 6 years

98% of corporate volunteers would recommend P4K as a volunteer organization for other companies.

P4K's work is made possible by more than 415 volunteer mentors, community partners and individuals like you. Thank you for investing in the future of Omaha by supporting today's students in need.
"The positive impact of P4K is a heart-warming story and can create a major change in our community."
-P4K Founder, Mike Yanney

"Mentoring has taught me my purpose in life-to show our youth they can do anything they put their minds to."
-Maurice Kimsey, P4K Volunteer

"If you believe there's hope and that light at the end of the tunnel is close enough, you say, 'I can do this, I can get through this and have opportunities.' Partnership 4 Kids brings that positive adult in to bring that light at the end of the tunnel a little closer to students, where there's a belief or hope that they can succeed."
-Mark Evans, OPS Superintendent

"I'm so appreciative of the opportunities I've been given. These people [Partnership 4 Kids] truly are in your life, they truly care for you. When you have people in your corner who support you and encourage you , even when you go through highs and lows, they keep you motivated."
-Monique Cribbs, P4K Alum & P4K Parent

"I think the glue that keeps people coming back is that they feel like they're making a difference and they are connecting to the relationships they build with these youth."
-Tracy Wells, P4K Staff

"The angels that inhabit the offices of Partnership 4 Kids are AMAZING! I am absolutely and graciously blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer beside them."
-Robin Gunter Keller, P4K Volunteer

"Being a Partnership 4 Kids mentor is very fulfilling and rewarding. I can just be standing here and children will come up and give me some hugs. Who can turn that away?"
-Patti Quinn McGovern, P4K Volunteer

"In some of these young kids' situations this can be the only positive reinforcement they get about continuing that pursuit of growth and development. Partnership 4 Kids gives these kids hope that they can pursue whatever they want to pursue."
-Tim Burke, OPPD VP & P4K Board Director

"Partnership 4 kids changes the lives of many students, including myself." #makingadifference
-Janet Nguyen, P4K student alum

"I have never won a "prize" at student meetings, but the P4K scholarship has saved my life."
-Melanie Avelino - P4K college senior

"The mentors and staff are amazing, and always ready to teach us. The things that they have taught us will most definitely help me in the future."
-P4K Student

"P4K means being able to explore new opportunities and prepare for college. It is a privilege, and should not be taken for granted."
-P4K Student

"I think it is a wonderful program and promotes a strong connection between the school and community. It means so much to the kids to have a positive role model and to have someone who cares about them and meet with them.
-P4K Teacher