Promise Partners-- Pottawattamie County's Alliance for Youth is an umbrella organization that brings people and communities together to advance child safety, family stability, and supportive relationships. We build connections and lead collaboration between local nonprofits, government, schools, and social service agencies who share our mission, empowering a caring community that promises the well-being of every child.

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Address: 3501 Harry Langdon Boulevard Suite #160 Box 7
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Recent research shows that experiencing trauma, especially as a child, can dramatically change the brain and increase the risk of health and social problems throughout a lifetime. High levels of stress can have a profound impact on a child's developing brain resulting in trouble focusing at school, meeting developmental milestones, and even dealing with health issues such as asthma and depression. Overwhelming stress can negatively affect adults with similar results. Since individuals and families are more isolated today than in previous times, people are more likely to find unhealthy ways to cope with stress when they don't have support.

Science also explains that relationships are the main ingredient that helps us overcome tough times. Relationships have the power to shape our brains. Relationships help us learn better, work better, parent better. When we experience tough times, they help us heal. With each connection, we develop a healthier, stronger community. When communities work together to build relationships, resilience increases while rates of childhood trauma and health problems decrease.

That is why Promise Partners lets everyone know that fostering connections with the children, families and adults in our lives matter to developing healthy brains, supportive relationships and strong communities.

Promise Partners is a collaborative organization that coordinates to align activities and investments to ensure the well-being of all children in Pottawattamie County. The non-profit convenes community partners to create effective, cost efficient impact for an empowered community. Promise Partners brings together non-profits, government, schools, and social services agencies to address our community's most pressing needs and build bridges to share a common goal- supporting children to achieve their highest potential.

Community initiatives include:
• Maternal, infant, and early childhood programming;
• Preventative, family centered, and community based services;
• Building relationships to increase resilience, while decreasing rates of childhood trauma;
• Community planning to provide services and supports for vulnerable families.