The Union for Contemporary Art

The Union for Contemporary Art supports the development of Omaha-area artists and promotes social justice in North Omaha, creating a bridge between this under-served neighborhood and the greater Omaha community. The artists we assist are required to give back to the community through greater engagement and volunteer service in North Omaha. Your support ensures that we're able to fulfill our commitment to serving established and developing artists and the communities that support them.

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Address: 2423 North 24th Street
Omaha, NE 68110
The Union for Contemporary Art is committed to strengthening the creative culture of the greater Omaha area by providing direct support to local artists and increasing the visibility of contemporary art forms in our community. In every endeavor, we strive to unite artists and the community to inspire positive social change in North Omaha. The organization was founded on the belief that the arts can be a vehicle for social justice and greater civic engagement; we strive to utilize the arts as a bridge to connect our diverse community in innovative and meaningful ways.


• Fellowship program offers free studio space, stipends, and professional development for local artists
• Exhibitions of contemporary art by local and regional artists, artists of color, and artists using their practice for social change
• Access to professional equipment and knowledgeable technicians in our Co-Op Studios
• Opportunities for theatre artists to develop, hone, and present their craft through our Performing Arts Collective
• Professional development for artists including access to free legal services

• Arm youth with critical life skills to engage, manage, and lead their communities
• Empower youth to advocate for themselves and their neighbors
• Inspire lifelong civic engagement through the arts
• Nurture future generations of arts lovers and arts philanthropists while building a pipeline for more racially and economically diverse arts leaders
• Influence better health outcomes in North Omaha

• Our Abundance Garden grows food in support of our free youth program meals and provides North Omaha pantries with fresh produce
• Neighborhood Arts projects collaborate with North Omaha communities
• Collaborative events with community partners and the populations they serve
"I had no idea I had so much art inside of me!" - Dashaya, age 7

"Having moved around a lot, and coming from the Philadelphia area, I don't know that I've ever encountered a place like The Union. The fact that there's a facility that offers resources to pursue so many different artistic processes and mediums with encouraging techs/instructors is hugely valuable to so many individuals, but the community as a whole as well. I love that every time I come in, I see a group of young kids walking around the building and checking out the exhibition that's up or watching someone creating." - Morgan Kazanjian

"I have constant gratitude for the opportunity that was gifted to me to create in such a majestic space! I have spent a lifetime pouring into people and their dreams and putting my dreams on the back burner. I gave myself permission to take this time and what I share with others, as a gift to myself." - Celeste Butler (2017 Union Fellow)

"Visits to the Union have pushed many of our girls out of their comfort zones and allowed them access to state of the art facilities and materials to develop their ideas and creative processes. They are able to have positive interactions with artists living and working in our local community that serve as positive role models for the girls." - Anna French (Girls, Inc.)

"I cannot say enough positive things about the Art Club at the Union. Both of my children have attended since it began and I have seen their artistic and social skills grow as they are surrounded by a variety of wonderful children from all different walks of life. My youngest son Adam has really enjoyed learning to work with clay, various forms of paint, and coloring. He also said it has been fun learning to cook and use the items they plant in the garden to make lunches. As a parent, this has been absolutely amazing to see two of the pickiest kids learn to try different kinds of foods and ways to cook them." - Teresa Lankford