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Abide is an inner city, non-profit organization with a dream, that one day, Omaha, Nebraska would have no inner city! Our mission is to transform the inner city, one neighborhood at a time. Abide provides a holistic approach that focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods through four main areas: community building, family support programs, housing and partnerships.

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Address: Better Together Campus 3223 N. 45th Street
Omaha, NE 68104
Serving the inner city one neighborhood at a time. Every person in every neighborhood have every opportunity to reach their Godgiven potential. Abide was established in 1989 with the vision of one family to make an impact in the poorest neighborhoods in North Omaha. Since that time, Abide has adopted 106 neighborhoods in the 700 identified neighborhoods in North Omaha. By partnering with over twenty organizations people from all across the greater Omaha area have been called to volunteer and work to improve the well-being of families in North Omaha. Abide provides a holistic approach that focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods through four main areas: community building, family support programs, housing, and partnerships. Building on the belief that being "present" has such a strong impact 42 lighthouses have been established in these neighborhoods. A Lighthouse is a home that has been rehabilitated within these target neighborhoods and provided to a family who is willing serve as a community advocate. Lighthouse families bring stability to a community that is too often plagued with poverty, splintered families, crime, poor school achievement, and run down properties. In addition to Lighthouses being present throughout North Omaha, Abide hosts dozens of community outreach events. These events help to engage residents and as neighbors interact with each other, a natural support network for the community is built.

Abide recognizes that communities are only as strong as the individuals and families that live in them. The North Omaha residents are part of the extended Abide family. We get at the heart of the family structure by creating consistent, interactive venues to connect and engage families. Our goal is to provide a strong support network that can help address gaps in family structure and character development. One of our primary focuses in this area is our Better Together Basketball Program. Our Basketball Program is centered on cultivating lifegiving relationships between players, coaches (who serve as mentors), and staff that extend beyond the sport seasons.
"I didn't know if I would be able to provide a Christmas for my kids last year. I had just had a baby and was unable to work for months due to being on bedrest. I heard about the Better Together Christmas Store at one of my kids parent/teacher conference and signed up. I was amazed at the types of toys available and the cost! I don't know what I would have done without the Christmas Store. I felt proud to see the joy on my kids faces on Christmas morning." - Community Member

"We love Abide and its mission: getting out of the seats and into the streets. Being intentional about loving your neighbor. Changing this city one neighborhood at a time. We have a heart for the inner city and are grateful to be a part of what they are doing." - Drew & Emily Meier

"While serving with Abide, it has been amazing to see how one experience or interaction with someone can change their whole life. It did that for me and I find so much joy in witnessing it be done in others." - Jessica Vazquez

"I can't even begin to explain the several ways serving with Abide has impacted me. It has been a huge blessing to be so welcomed into the loving community that is present at each and every event that is in conjunction with Abide. I have never laughed so much, danced so much, loved so much and been pulled so much out of my comfort zone at the same time. As I continue to serve in different capacities I see my eyes being opened and my heart being expanded in so many ways. When we serve together our greatest strengths cover others weaknesses and we are Better Together because of it!" - Regan Cooper