ætherplough: a tool for cultivating performance. Our mission is to create, produce, and present contemporary performance in Omaha. We are dedicated to: • creating original, ensemble-based performance • producing live arts events showcasing the work of local artists and • presenting out-of-town performance work We envision a growing local community of multi-disciplinary artists engaging Omaha in the national contemporary performance dialogue.

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Address: 4522 Seward Street
Omaha, NE 68104
Artistic Director: Wai Yim
Managing Director: Joel Johnson

Nominated for numerous Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards, including 2010 OEAA Winner - Best Original Script for "knives out".
​"At the intersection of performance, art and performance art dwells ætherplough, the multidisciplinary company whose edgy works push the boundaries of devised theater. For this band of artists, those frontiers are most often situated light years beyond the realm of traditional theater offerings..."
~David Williams, The Reader

"It feels both earnest and dreamlike and it burns a little. I was a little stunned..."
​~Andrew Yolland, review

"Brilliant show!!!....Congratulations!!! ... concept, music, dance, heart, Feeling, awakening, message, art, singing, Soul Remembering ... and cookies! Hope to experience this one again!"
~Sandy Aquila, reply to The Archeology of Birdsong