AllPlay Miracle Baseball League

The AllPlay Miracle Baseball League (ML) for children with disabilities believes: "Every child deserves the chance to play baseball!" AllPlay lets children with disabilities have an ideal baseball experience and play for free! Miracle League games are non-competitive games where every player gets uniforms, awards, and weekly treats. Player's may have any physical or intellectual disability. In 2018 over 400 players are playing on 26 teams in 14 games supported by hundreds of volunteers.

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Address: 13414 Paul Street
Omaha, NE 68154
ALLPLAY's Miracle Baseball League is a special league that lets children with disabilities have an ideal baseball experience. In Miracle League games, every player bats every inning, all base runners are safe, every batter scores. The Miracle League baseball field and playground have rubber-covered surfaces, meant to soften falls and prevent injuries. All aspects of the complex have level surfaces specifically designed for: wheelchairs; walkers; braces; crutches; visually impaired; and persons with other kinds of mobility impairments.

ALLPLAY Miracle League (ML) baseball for children with disabilities believes: "Every child deserves the chance to play baseball!"

In ALLPLAY Miracle League baseball:
-- Players play for free!
-- Every player bats once each inning;
-- All players are safe on the bases;
-- All players get team uniforms;
-- Every player scores a run before the inning is over (the last batter up gets a home run!);
-- Announcers are used to announce each game;
-- Players receive treats after each game,
-- Community children, volunteers, and family members are 'buddies' to assist players;
-- Each team and each player wins every game
-- Every player receives an award at the conclusion of the season!

The thrill of playing, the cheers from the stands, and friendships developed make the ALLPLAY Miracle League an oasis away from their everyday battles. Miracle League parents tell stories of their children insisting on playing despite bouts with illness, kidney stones, broken bones, and recent hospitalizations.

Athlete's disabilities may include: autism; cerebral palsy; spina bifida; visual impairments; muscular dystrophy; dwarfism; multiple sclerosis; spinal cord injury; down syndrome, amputations, and other physical and mental disabilities.

The first ALLPLAY Miracle Baseball League had 40 children with disabilities play baseball in 2009. The league grew to 80 players in 2010, 120 players in 2011, and 160 players in 2012. In 2015 there were 315 children and young adults with disabilities playing baseball in ALLPLAY's baseball league. ALLPLAY plays up to ten games each Saturday and has two seasons: summer (May-June) and fall (August-September). Players can play in up to 14 games each year.

Over 700 volunteers helped with the activities of the ALLPLAY in 2017.
From Jayne, mother of an eight-year-old child who played in AllPlay baseball but passed away due to an illness, "Leah passed away April 27, 2014. It has almost been a year. I wanted so much for you to know and to share the news with all her friends that were on her team. She loved playing with them. I am so thankful that you gave her that chance to share with so many. You have done so many amazing things for these children. Making dreams come true and giving them happiness. I can only speak for myself but Thank you comes from my heart."

From Mindy a players mother, "My son and I are super excited to join baseball this may seem he has never played the sport or any sport, but he is looking for new friends since he only has one friend he is super active and been talking about this all week!"

From Joe, a players dad," James really enjoys baseball! It's one of his favorite activities, and he just can't wait til Saturdays so he can hang with friends and run bases."

From Kasei, mother of two players, "My boys are ten months apart and have always done everything together. Jahel had the fight of his life in March, and I had to put him at the Ambassador to get the care he needs, and it's been extremely hard on Jaden and Jahel. Jaden has a few setbacks of it is own and being able to enjoy their first baseball season together for both is an experience neither the boys or I will ever forget."

From Joe, a coach and players father, "Today was one of those days that make me indescribably happy to be alive. You see, I'm the coach for James' baseball team. And it IS the greatest job ever! ...

From Rena, players mother, "My son William told me the one thing he loves about playing baseball at AllPlay is that "No one stares at him, No one asks what is wrong with him, he's just like everyone else and can have fun without feeling self-conscious" And I think that pretty much sums it up for a lot of the players. They play for the same reason we play, just to be a Hero, just for one day!"