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For over 56 years the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands is one of the largest youth-serving agencies in the Omaha metropolitan area with 13 Club sites. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands is an out-of-school, youth-serving agency for kids age 6-18. These opportunities are led by professional, positive role models that make a lifelong impact in the lives of those we serve. Our programs focus on three priority outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles.

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Address: 2610 Hamilton Street
Omaha, NE 68131
The time is now. In the Omaha and Council Bluffs communities over 34,000 youth live in poverty with limited access to affordable out-of-school programming. This year, we ask you to support our goal of constructing four new Club locations to reach 1,040 more vulnerable youth per day who need a safe place to go after school. A unique partnership between school districts and the Clubs allows us to build Club sites connected to schools. This proven "Clubs & Schools" model will fill crucial after-school voids, remove obstacles of after-school transportation and transform adversity into prosperity.

New Boys & Girls Club Location Sites:
1. Florence Elementary: will serve 165 more youth per day
2. Bryan Middle School: will serve 300 more youth per day
3. Millard Central Middle School: will serve 325 more youth per day
4. New Westside Club: will serve 250 more youth per day

More About The Clubs:
Clubs operate in the areas where kids need us most in Omaha. 88% of Boys & Girls Club families make less than the Nebraska median income and 65% of members do not live with both parents. For our members, the Club is a second home, providing a safe and fun place to go after school. For young people who often come from desperate circumstances, such opportunities are truly life-changing. At "the Club," a member can discover a hidden talent, get help with their homework, discuss important issues with their peers in leadership groups, contribute to a community service project, get a warm, nutritious meal and engage with caring adults. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands provides comprehensive programming for the low cost of $30 per child, per year. No child is turned away for financial reasons.

Your support is vital in opening doors for local youth in need and keeping them open so that youth can find hope and opportunity at the Clubs for years to come. The time is now.

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"The Boys and Girls Club gave me something to look forward to; something to put a little happiness into my day. I knew that no matter what had gone on at school that day or at home the night before I would always have those few hours at the Club where I was worry free and just had fun." - Jaime, 10 (South Club Member)

"The Club has helped me keep a positive outlook, despite any circumstances that I may encounter. The Clubs accepts everyone for who they are, not what they have. The Club embraces differences and creates safe and stable environment for children that may not have one, helping me develop a personal brand where people are people, and we all should support what makes us unique. I learned through all of this that a home is where you make it, and the Boys and Girls Club is mine." - Alice, 16 (Carter Lake Club Member)

"I got off to a rough start. I was born in a women's penitentiary and my father passed away from kidney failure when I was four. I lived with different family members while my mom was in and out of jail. I love my mom but our life was often unstable because of her addictions. I remember feeling scared and alone when she would leave abruptly for weeks at a time. I had to sell my own shoes for money to buy food, I was only 13. My life turned around when my aunt and uncle took me in with the understanding I would focus on getting good grades. They even enrolled me into the Mt. View Boys & Girls Club! At the Club, I felt safe and happy because I had friends and adults I could depend on. I worked hard and got on the honor roll because I finally had a quiet place to focus on homework. My goal is to be a great teacher and to advocate for children who come from tough backgrounds, like me. My future is brighter because someone took a moment to shine kindness on me." - Leon, 18 (Mt. View Club Member)