BluesEd is a non-profit youth development program sponsored by the Blues Society of Omaha. BluesEd was founded in 2001, to promote the Blues Society of Omaha's mission of "Keeping the Blues Alive." Students ages 12-18 can audition for the program. After acceptance into the program students participate in workshops and performances concentrated on blues music. They are provided multiple opportunities to perform in a band format. Currently, the program boasts 51 students in 7 performance bands.

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Address: PO Box 241698
Omaha, NE 68124
Why is BluesEd different than other youth development music programs in the area?

1) BluesEd started in 2001, making it one of the oldest (and most experienced) of its kind in Omaha.
2) We have four clinicians who work with each band and are working, well-known musicians in the Omaha/Midwest region.
3) We have 5-7 performance bands a season. Our season runs from April - August, not just a couple of weeks in the summer.
4) Our bands play at multiple venues and multiple times during the season. Not just one season ending performance.
5) The Blues Society of Omaha is our sponsor and provides financial, educational and moral support to our bands.
6) Tuition for BluesEd is nominal and includes professional instruction, performance opportunities and much more.
7) Some of our former students have gone on to work professionally in the music industry.
8) Our bands have a chance to perform at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis during the Youth Showcase.
9) Our bands have performed at the nationally acclaimed Playing With Fire Concert - Omaha series every summer.
10) Many national touring blues groups have worked with our students including: Bruce Katz, Aynsley Lister, Rick Vito, Ben Poole, Peter Karp, Sue Foley and more!
Grace G. - Omaha: "I like BluesEd because I felt like I gained self confidence when being in front of people and performing."

Jill B. - Omaha: "Our daughter had many cool opportunities in Omaha but thinks BluesEd is the most beneficial and exciting. This program is unique across the country, we are learning."

Nick U. - Omaha: "I enjoy the opportunity of meeting new musicians, and the opportunity to learn valuable skills from career musicians. I learned a lot about form of songs, and playing in a band that I did not have experience in before. "

Paul H. - Omaha: "BluesEd is an amazing opportunity for talented youth to practice and perform together, while also learning from some of the area's best musicians."

Derek D. - Omaha: "I lIke everything about BluesEd. It is a great program."

Susie H. - Gretna: "I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program."

Daren K. - Omaha: "Awesome year and loved every minute. So glad that we discovered BluesEd and so grateful for the organization."