DIBS for Kids

Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids, is on a mission to support Omaha to become the nation's first large, urban community to ensure that every child, regardless of income, has two things: (1) Access to a great book to take home every night and (2) A desire to read that book for fun as a path toward achieving third grade reading proficiency. DIBS currently provides five, high-poverty OPS schools with the materials, technology, and support necessary to make this mission a reality.

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Address: 105 N 31st Ave. Suite 215
Omaha, NE 68131
DIBS' QR-code based software turns the classroom into a book distribution center by giving students the opportunity to independently pick, check-out, and bring home a new book on their reading level every day. This approach reinforces fundamental reading habits and puts students in the driver's seat of their reading growth as they find the next great book.

Here is a little background on why DIBS exists and the impact of your dollars:

One of the biggest factors in a child's literacy is the number of books in a child's home. An increased number of books in a child's home correlates with increased reading proficiency and test scores, as well as an increase in the number of years they remain in school. Yet, six out of every ten kids growing up in poverty lack access to a single age-appropriate book in their home. When this basic literacy experience is missing from a child's development, they are more likely to miss a critical milestone that can negatively impact the rest of their life: achieving third grade reading proficiency.

DIBS' mission aims to fill this resource gap by providing leveled book libraries in classrooms that students can choose books from every morning and take home to read every night of the school year. Each year, on average, 90 quality books that a student wants to read and can read independently make their way into a child's home. Through DIBS, the number of books in a child's home increases, which gives Omaha students the potential to build a habit of daily in-home reading which encourages parents to help their child take more ownership of their education at home.

Students take each DIBS book home on average nine times every school year, which often means DIBS books accumulate wear-and-tear over time. At the end of each year, a small percentage of materials need replenished and school support personnel need renewed so students can continue taking home quality books the next school year. DIBS for Kids needs your help to accomplish this. Your support will go towards material replenishment and program support renewal costs so students can continue taking home quality reading materials, further their reading proficiency, and cultivate their love for reading.

Thank you Omaha Give(r)s!
"This program helps our kiddos make connections at home with topics of study in the classroom. For example, when talking about the Super Blood Blue moon this week, students feverishly thumbed through books and only wanted to pick out books that had moons on the pages or on the cover of the book. They were then able to tell whether the moon was a half, full, or crescent moon. What do you think these kids did with their DIBS book? Went home and taught their parents about moons."
- Kindergarten DIBS teacher  

"My kids are really enjoying DIBS so far and I am enjoying seeing the excitement they have for picking out books...You would think they were holding new puppies in their hands with the big smile on their faces."
- Third grade DIBS teacher

"The program works beautifully in my classroom...the biggest challenge has been to keep up with how fast my students are improving their reading ability...I have had 60% of my class that has made reading gains that they would not have made had they not have had that additional reading time at home.  Now that I've had the program, if the support for the program ended, I'd exhaust myself making it happen in my classroom."
- First grade DIBS teacher

"As a school of high poverty, one of things we want to do is make sure kids have books in their hands. For years, we spent time just giving books away, but you never know if they read them, if they're at the right level, or what they do with them. Having the DIBS program, we were able to actually create that system where they would take it home, read it with their parents, sign off, bring it back and to me that just is a huge advantage so then we can reuse the books and the kids have an opportunity to read at their level. It's nice to be read to now and then, but to be able to read at your level is huge and it really helps with the love of reading."
- DIBS Principal

"It is not acceptable in this day and age to meet a child who has no books at home!! DIBS is just another terrific system that ensures our students will have the access to the print materials they all need and deserve."
- Librarian at a DIBS School

"DIBS complements our school library programs by providing additional books that the students will enjoy reading. As research has proved, if a student is interested in the material he or she is reading, the child will want to read more. I appreciate how DIBS provides our students with more opportunities to get books of interest into their hands and make reading more enjoyable."
- Librarian at a DIBS School

"I loved being part of his learning and see and hear his reading...supporting him and helping out on his reading...I also got to see him progress on his reading and understood why he was on the level he was...thanks to you I was able to be more closer to him.  Thanks!  Love the program."
- DIBS Parent

"Before DIBS we read, but not every night. Now they do it and we love it."
- DIBS Parent

"On nights when I get tired she says 'mom, we have to read!'"
- DIBS Parent