Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.

Established in 1968, Family Housing Advisory Services' (FHAS) mission is to improve quality of life by eliminating poverty through housing stability and financial security. FHAS prevents homelessness, educates home owners, provides foreclosure prevention options, develops financially-wise consumers, offers affordable mortgage lending options, eliminates housing discrimination, and reduces poverty.

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Address: 2401 Lake Street
Omaha, NE 68111
Programs and services include Tenant Services for renters and persons at risk of homelessness, Homeowner Education for potential homeowners and current homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure, Earned Income Tax Credit Program, which is the largest poverty reduction program in the nation, Financial Education for persons seeking assistance in becoming wise consumers, and Fair Housing to address housing discrimination and barrier removal for the disabled.
I am very thankful for Family Housing Advisory helping me through my crisis. God was opening doors for me to be able to live independently again but there was a back bill from the electric company from about 3 years ago I had totally forgot about; since I wasn't living on my own anymore. I was moving around from house to house of family and friends even to the point of living at the Open Door Mission. I saw an apartment sign driving down the street for 55 and older living and decided it was time for me to get my own place. Thank God, He blessed me quickly to be approved to live there. I got all moved and settled in to my new place to find out my electricity was not going to be turned off due to this back balance from previous living arrangements. I went to my god sister who told me about different resources in the community that could possibly help me. After checking with several resources without getting help; I got to Family Housing and new in my heart this would be the place to help me to keep my apartment and keep my electricity on. Remind you this being requirement of being able to stay in my place was to keep my lights on as well as pay my rent. Family Housing made a way for me to be able to do so. I am so grateful to have found a community business that was truly there to help me with my journey back to living independently since the lost of my sister having stable living arrangements to having to move around from place to place or being homeless. A BIG THANK YOU!!!