Hear Nebraska is dedicated to supporting, documenting and promoting Nebraska music - statewide and all genres. In 2016, Hear Nebraska produced 49 concerts in 16 Nebraska cities, featuring 140 Nebraska artists. HN invested $92,000 into the music community, and $61,000 directly to artists in 2016. HN content reaches 27,000 monthly visitors - 38% outside Nebraska - via its website at hearnebraska.org. Its social followers total more than 30,000.

Interact with our 2016 annual report at http://www.hear2016.org/.
"I choose to serve on the Hear Nebraska board due to my personal love of music. I believe the cultivation of a vibrant, diverse and eclectic music 'scene' benefits the entire community. Hear Nebraska works on initiatives providing this benefit to our community."
- Aaron Shaddy, board member

"I believe in keeping homegrown talent in Nebraska, bettering our state from the inside out. I also believe arts and culture are a crucial economic driver. Hear Nebraska has the pulse of both of these items built right into its work and mission. I proudly serve on the board of Hear Nebraska to make an investment in the state I call home through the arts that I love."
- Marjorie Maas, board member

"Hear Nebraska embodies the DIY (Do It Yourself) ethos that I embraced as a professional musician with deep Nebraska roots: Your story must be honest, your approach must be earnest and you have to work your butt off. Hear Nebraska is a vital part of Nebraska's musical ecosystem - from its journalism to its programming, no other local organization does more for Nebraska and its statewide music community."
- Stephen Pedersen, board member

"The mission of Hear Nebraska provides a strong outlet to an often underserved market of the state, and to be able to experience that involvement and hear firsthand accounts of the positive impacts Hear Nebraska produced is truly rewarding."
- Jess Paisley, board member