St. Stanislaus Catholic Church has been part of the South Omaha community since its founding by Polish immigrants in 1919.
Our mission is to remain a cornerstone of Catholic Faith in South Omaha by implementing the vision of Jesus and passing it on to our children and theirs.  Our beautiful church and its heritage are a testament to the sacrifice and love of those who founded the parish. 

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Our annual Polish festival (third place in Omaha Magazine's "Best of Omaha 2017" festival competition), Heritage Mass, and other religious and cultural events recall our ancestors' faith and customs that we share with new generations of parishioners and with the greater Omaha area.  Through the outreach activities of our Men's Club, Ladies Guild, Golden Gems, and St. Vincent de Paul Society, we strive to be a sacred place, sharing the Faith of Christ with others in the South Omaha community.