Council Bluffs Pantry Association

The Council Bluffs Pantry Association is a collaboration of local non-profit organizations that work together to help feed, clothe, provide temporary housing, and essential items for thousands of individuals each year. We all strive to help as many people as possible, while ensuring the system is not being abused. We currently have 9 members- 7 food pantries, the Micah house, and Phillips Cupboard

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Address: 715 N. 16th Street
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Hunger does not discriminate! There are many faces we each see, who come to receive help from our different members, that are without hope. It's so sad. We choose to do what we can to make a difference and encourage all who seek our help. It's not only helping others, but is a blessing to each of us, who volunteer to make a difference.

It could be one of your family members or the neighbor across the street....we are here to make a difference to them.
When I was 15 years old, I thought I new everything....I had my own apartment, went to school, worked. Life wasn't so bad, until I became friends with the wrong people. I can't blame it on them. I chose to live a life of stupidity. I thought drinking and doing drugs wasn't so bad, hanging out till 4am was fun, and work was overrated. There were times there wasn't anything to eat, no one offering to help; I had nothing.

I am thankful that through it all, I had God right there with me. Too many times, I put myself in dangerous situations and didn't think anything of it. Had absolutely no regard for my life.

At 17, I finally got into trouble with the law. Thank goodness. I wasn't quite ready to pick the straight path, but it gave me more of an incentive than anything else did.

Five years later, I found myself starting a food pantry just two blocks from where I had once lived the crazy life. I'm stilling running First Baptist Food Pantry and am proud to say that I do all I can to make a difference to all those who just need some extra guidance and food to eat. We can't fix everyone's problems, but we can ensure them that there are people that do care and lives can be turned around.

My pantry alone, sent out more than 150,000 pounds of food in 2015. Imagine what we could do with your help!