For 100 Years, Boys Town has given thousands of at-risk children the love, support and education they need to succeed. When Boys Town saves a child, the positive effects ripple through the community, making greater progress for society as a whole.

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Address: 14100 Crawford Street
Boys Town, NE 68010
How would your life have been different ​if you'd had to struggle just to make it through the day without getting beaten, robbed, shot… or worse? Sadly, many at-risk kids find false security in gangs or numb the pain with drugs and alcohol. This is where Boys Town comes in. With your help, we can give these children and their families the hope, support and tools they need to end the cycle of poverty, addiction and violence and prepare ​them for a successful future as productive members of their communities.
Before I came here, I was pretty mad at the world for dealing me a bad hand. It was everybody else's fault. I took responsibility. I knew no remorse. I believed the world revolved around me and I thought I knew it all. What happened when I came was I realized I was not mad at the world. I was mad at myself. I had to forgive myself for walking the path of destruction. I began by understanding my failures. I started to appreciate what I have. I have a family back home and a family right here. I now have the energy inside of me to make myself proud. Thank you Boys Town. You gave me a chance.

- Jordan

Before I came to Boys Town, I was in jail and I stopped caring about how my life would turn out. But when I came to Boys Town, I learned I could start over and make my family proud of me by doing good in school and sports. I see my Boys Town family has love for me and wants to see me do good in life, to give me that push until I get it right. You have given me a home, somewhere to be safe and feel safe, a place I call my second home. You have helped me with college and now I am smart enough to succeed. Thank you Boys Town.

- David

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