Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands

Teen Challenge is a faith based solution to the drug epidemic. We exist to be a catalyst for 180 degree life transformation. We serve both men, women, and adolescents who struggle with life controlling issues.

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Address: 2916 N. 58th St.
Omaha, NE 68104
During the year long residential program, residents live in a structured, disciplined environment created to provide complete 180 degrees of life change! As a resident of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands, you will receive personalized mentoring in both one-on-one and group settings. You will also be involved in discipleship and character classes, as well as the opportunity to receive your GED if needed. Married residents will be involved in our Family's Ministry with their spouses. Oftentimes, there is healing needed for the entire family, and it is our desire to see marriages reconciled and families restored.
"Teen Challenge saved my life. I was hopelessly addicted by the time I was twenty years old. With no hope and no future I entered into Teen Challenge. Since then my life has been radically changed, that was over seven years ago. Today, I have a college degree, a beautiful wife, and a job where I have the ability to help individuals change their life as someone once help me. I couldn't have done it without Teen Challenge" Adam - Teen Challenge Graduate

"Sports were my everything. I lived to be the best at what I did. This led me to a full ride scholarship to a Division I university for both baseball and football. Through a series of personal tragedies, drugs became my comfort. I lost it all, even my freedom. I found myself in front of a judge asking him for another chance, for a chance to go to Teen Challenge. He said yes. From that day, my life began to change. Through Teen Challenge and faith in God, my life has been restored. I now even have the privilege to help coach teenagers to become their best. God used Teen Challenge to make this all possible." Brandon - Teen Challenge Graduate