Project Extra Mile

Project Extra Mile is a network of community partnerships working in Nebraska to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms. Community organizing is the foundation of our efforts to protect public health and safety. We advocate for evidence-based policies and practices to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms. Our work is focused on policy initiatives, enforcement collaborations, media advocacy, education and awareness, and youth leadership.

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Address: 11620 M Circle
Omaha, NE 68137
Some call it environmental prevention; others would say it's simply changing the landscape of the communities in which we live. We create healthier and safer communities by advocating for evidence-based policies and practices to prevent and reduce underage drinking and alcohol-related harms, including motor vehicle crashes, interpersonal violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and noncommunicable diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Our community coalition meets monthly in the Omaha metro area and is open to anyone desiring to make his or her community safer through the prevention of underage drinking and alcohol-related harms. Involvement in our efforts include individuals from public and private schools, law enforcement, youth, prevention and safety groups, health agencies and organizations, child advocacy groups, the faith community, prosecutors, community groups, doctors and nurses, the media and others.

The coalition works collaboratively to prevent alcohol-related harms, including underage drinking, within the community through a comprehensive, environmental-based prevention approach. We focus on creating a safe communities using the most highly-regarded scientific literature as a guide. This environment is created, in large part, when we work to enact and enforce laws that hold adults to a higher standard for the protection of children.

Coalition meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m.