For over 40 years, Crossroads of Western Iowa has been empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, chronic illness and brain injury to actively seek out opportunities for an enhanced quality of life. This past year, more than 350 individuals and their families have reached beyond and achieved dreams they never thought were possible. Crossroads proudly serves the greater western Iowa region, including Pottawattamie, Harrison, Monona and Woodbury counties.
Independence is an important factor in experiencing a full adult life. Crossroads of Western Iowa's Residential Services vary according to the support your family needs to reach your loved one's independence goal. Our Respite Care services are available for families who desire short-term relief and care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Supported Community Living services help empower individuals by providing them support and instructional activities within your family home, in an apartment or in a small group home setting.

It is important that every human being feel loved and included by their community. Crossroads of Western Iowa's LINKS (Living Skills, Integration, Networking, Kinship, Self-Advocacy) Community Integration offers individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities the necessary environment to achieve community integration and the advancement of living skills. LINKS Community Integration empowers individuals by providing a variety of group activities, educational events and socialization.

Employment instills a sense of pride and motivation within individuals. Crossroads of Western Iowa's Vocational Services provide individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities the necessary skills to achieve employment within the community. We offer an environment where individuals can receive assistance and training, opening doors for career and volunteer opportunities.
"I love living on my own. I can do whatever I want."
- Kasey, Residential Client

"Everybody at Crossroads is friendly, caring and has taught me how to be around other people and meet new friends. My roommates and I like to cook dinner, talk with each other and play the WII. My nights to cook for my roommates are Monday and Wednesday nights and the staff are excellent when it comes to helping."
- Joel, Residential Client

"Crossroads helped me get a great job that I love!" "I love working with the kids at kids & company."
- Andy, past Vocational Client

"I love my roommates and enjoy cooking for everyone.
- Victoria, Residential Client