SCOLBE We are a faith-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist ministries with solving administrative concerns by connecting them to experienced business professionals who volunteer their time. Often, the growth of mission outreach for many congregations and ministries is slowed because professional and servant leadership must spend too much time on administrative issues. Advisors contribute professional experience to provide ministries with support.

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Address: 533 North 86th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Who We Are
In 2007, a group of Christian business executives saw an opportunity to help individuals match business expertise with administrative needs of Christian Church and Ministries.

In conversations and feedback from people in the church community, a need was recognized for the collective information gleaned from years of practice of our advisors. Through these conversations, business leaders decided to share our Business experience, to share their knowledge, and faith.
From there, SCOLBE, the Service Corps of Lutheran Business Executives, was created.

We have engaged in 22 projects with ministries of the last 8 years. We charge a small fee for our time to provide for staff and administrative support. To find out more please visit our website at Thank you for your interest in SCOLBE. We would very much appreciate your financial support.
"There's rapid, sometimes tumultuous, change happening in our world that impacts our Church, SCOLBE offers congregations and ministries a way to gain a broader perspective on the planning and operations issues they're facing and develop practical ways to address them - from people who share their faith tradition."
Beth Llewellyn, Vice President, Mission Integration, Alegent Health

"From the beginning, I have truly supported the concept of SCOLBE. These services aren't only for ministries that are in crisis or facing major hurdles. They are for those who simply could benefit from some additional expertise and experience. Every congregation can take a look at themselves and see where they can get some blessing from SCOLBE."
Rev. Luke R. Schnake, Director of Ministries, Christ Lutheran Church of Lincoln

"One of the major issues facing not-for-profit organizations today is how to strengthen internal operations and infrastructure. SCOLBE advisers have years of experience in strategic planning, financial matters and communications - all necessities in today's world. By lending their acumen and expertise, they are empowering ministries with the counsel and recommendations they need t make positive changes."
Ruth Henrichs, President and CEO, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska

"Our SCOLBE advisor told the group that he wanted this to be our plan. He provided the proper direction for everyone to gain ownership in the strategy."
Ed Bean, (former) Director of Biblical Finance, Christ Lutheran Church - Lincoln

"We wanted to create an orientation program for new board members that not only would address the role and expectations of a new board member but also build a set of qualifying parameters we could share with other individuals being considered for this position. After the SCOLBE team assisted us, we now have a robust orientation experience that allows the person to be effective on day one and puts them at ease in fitting in and knowing their new role. In turn, it makes us a more cohesive group."
Peter Kenow, President, Concordia University Foundation