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Omaha Entertainment Awards, Inc., seeks to enhance our community by producing an annual awards event that uniquely recognizes the performing arts, visual arts and live music of the Omaha area. With all-star talent and red-carpet prestige, the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards is a memorable evening that thanks the artists who keep Omaha culture alive.

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Address: P.O. Box 7360
Omaha, NE 68107
The Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards (OEAA) recognizes some of the most talented artists and entertainers in the Omaha area with an award show. The annual Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards ceremony honors supreme talent from the performing arts, visual arts and music. The show features live performances from current nominees and announces the winners in each of the 45 OEAA categories and technical awards.

Funds received from Omaha Gives! will be put towards community development for the arts through educational summits/workshops; youth artist education with potential plans for a specific space created for youth musicians and mini showcases; expanding the ways we recognize artistry within the community (showcases, contests, etc.); and could assist in producing the annual awards show so we may honor such local talent in a manner they deserve!