Our mission is to educate and empower Hispanic/Latino individuals and families towards a self-sufficient, safe, and healthy life.

We seek to serve Hispanic/Latino families in Council Bluffs, a population that grew 112% in Council Bluffs from the year 2000 to 2010.
Family Support Services:
Within this program, we help clients address their family's immediate needs by connecting them to resources that help them meet their essential needs. We serve as a bilingual and bicultural resource navigation agency that guides clients through all their options to find the right resources available for their current need, such as pantry services, housing assistance, rental and utility assistance, applications to Medicaid, SNAP, and Unemployment, and various other resources.

We also assist clients with job applications and resume creation, as helping our clients become self-sufficient is a key goal for our agency. We aid them in their search for available positions, as well as assist them in completing job applications.

Civic Engagement and Leadership:
We seek to empower Latino residents to become civically engaged. We encourage citizenship, voter registration, and strong community engagement. In collaboration with our civic engagement focused group Fuerza y Union, we provide training, workshops and other educational presentations to the Latino community in Council Bluffs.

Adult Education
For our adults clients who want to learn English, we provide English classes onsite in small groups. These are weekly classes that will help them increase their verbal capacity and writing skills in English. We also provide citizenship classes for adults seeking to take the citizenship exam and become U.S. citizens.

Immigration Legal Services
In partnership with Justice for Our Neighbors - Nebraska (JFON), we house a full-time JFON immigration attorney at Centro Latino. JFON is a nonprofit immigration legal service provider specializing in domestic violence, child welfare, and refugee and asylum law. They are known for handling complex cases that may have multiple solutions. They have comprehensive knowledge of immigration law and provide the expertise to know which option is the best for individual clients.