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The purpose of CHRS is to instill hope by providing assistance to children and their families in need. This assistance is designed to meet their basic needs, such as clothing and food, so that they are better able to apply themselves to their school work.

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Address: 6217 S 109th Avenue Circle
Omaha, NE 68137
Those who are helped by CHRS are from lower economic families in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. They have limited or no financial resources. The children often have no coats or shoes and only a very few articles of clothing. By providing basic essentials for these children in need, CHRS fosters an environment of hope.

To fulfill its mission, CHRS makes every effort to respond to families needing help with essential needs. CHRS' response has included the purchasing of food for families who can not afford it and the provision of monetary assistance with utility bills in an effort to keep heat on during winter months. As with the other programs, these needs are brought to the attention of the Board of Directors who makes a decision as to whether to provide assistance and the exact allocation of funds.