NET Foundation for Television

NET is Nebraska's PBS Station. From small towns to big cities, NET is deeply rooted in the traditions of our state - and to our most important work - connecting Nebraskans to each other and the world. For over 60 years, you've turned to NET's high-quality programming to be educated, engaged and entertained. Whether it's Backyard Farmer, Big Red Wrap-Up or a local documentary, our goal is to work with communities to build a thriving public broadcast system on-air, online and on our mobile apps.

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Address: 10050 Regency Circle, Ste 125
Omaha, NE 68114
Vision Statement
NET will meet the needs of learners of all ages, engage diverse communities in civil conversations and celebrate Nebraska's cultural and creative achievements through exceptional content, educational services, advanced technologies and partnerships of mutual value.

NET Programs:
Nebraska Stories
Big Red Wrap-Up
Backyard Farmer
PBS NewHour
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Curious George
This Old House
and many more!
"I grew up watching Sesame Street, then Arthur, then Scientific American Frontiers, and then NOVA. I'm about to graduate from UNL with an engineering degree and huge part of that is thanks to the educational programs that got me started on Public Television." -Nathan J.

"I strongly believe that public television generates knowledge and growth. The programs are enjoyable, and safe for all viewers!" -Stephanie W.

"Public communications are an important venue for education and the spread of new ideas...Ken Burns and Lynn Novak's Vietnam documentary reminded me of the vital role thoughtful and vetted communications plays in our world, especially in our troubled times today." -Brady J. and Seth A.