SOLAS was founded in 1993 by Mike and Mary Jones as a volunteer group with the mission of "providing public awareness and volunteer support for the animals". All our members are volunteers; there are no paid employees and no salaries. Donations for the benefit of the animals. Each year SOLAS spends a majority of its funds for vaccines, tests, medication and veterinary care and to alter the animals in our care.

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Address: 1204 N. 28th St
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
SOLAS is proud to say we have had a total of 1794 adoptions since 2011 and are still going strong this year!

All adoptions from the SOLAS Foster Care Program.

SOLAS also helps facilitate yearly vaccination clinics and micro chipping clinics for the public.

She(Lucy) is my little love. ( of course you have to remember, she thinks she is a puppy.) Too cute. Thank you for bringing her into my life. - Robin

I am so thankful and glad I found a kitten through S.O.L.A.S! My kitten is a sweetheart and all that goes to Lora for being such a wonderful foster mom! The adoption process went smoothly and i appreciate all the hard work that these people are doing at fostering and find these lovable animals a forever home.... Would definitely recommend S.O.L.A.S to anyone who is looking at adopting supporting a local animal shelter. - Ashlee

I adopted my kitten, Oliver, from SOLAS a few months ago. The foster mom was very nice was able to give me insight into what he liked, ie toys, food, pets. She had cats of her own and a dog, so it was an easy transition my house, where i have a dog and couple cats already. I will definitely adopt form SOLAS again when I am ready. Thank you for all you do for cats needing new homes!: - Claire