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Chabad inspires hope, purpose, and meaning through joyful study and good deeds, driven by a love of G-d and humanity. We are a Jewish Center and we welcome everyone in the community to join us for a unique experience in personal growth.

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Address: 1866 S 120th St.
Omaha, NE 68144
The Chabad Food Pantry feeds hundreds each month, and provided 16,673 meals in 2016.

We offer classes, coaching, and counseling.

The Hospitality Center serves as a nurturing environment and a home away from home to the many families seeking medical services in Nebraska.

Our social services and educational programs are vast and continue to be created as needs arise.
"CHABAD make changes in people's lives and is in there for the long haul. I have so much respect for the work done at Chabad." -Joel Schlesinger, doctor at Omaha Skin Specialists P.C.

"It's a great idea to give to Chabad. They give to our children with camp, they give to our community with a soup kitchen, they give to us with classes, holiday celebrations, and other mitzvoth. Chabad gives twelve months every year. We can too."
-D. Denenberg

"Thanks for all you do!"
-The Phillips

"There are at least 18 reasons to give to chadad. Chabad brings Life to our Cmmunity! " -The Greenbergs

"Aways welcoming... their pantry program serves everyone who needs help getting groceries."
Joan K. Marcus

"They reach people that may have fallen through the cracks; the people who need help the most."
Frances Blumkin

"I support Chabad because they are a tremendous asset to the community. A place anyone can go for spiritual enlightenment, emotional guidance, and general help for everyday living."
Suzi Mogil

"I donate to Chabad because I know and feel that they care so much about the people they help with the funds provided."
Bobbi Leibowitz

"I support Chabad because I learn something new every time."
Nora Zoob