Our organization is devoted to rescuing and rehoming bassets and beagles in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. BBRH also puts great emphasis on educational efforts regarding these breeds and responsible pet ownership. May 24th we'll be at Dudley's Pizza & Tavern (2110 S. 67th Street in Aksarben Village - 402.933.751) from 11am-5pm with volunteers and rescue dogs! Come see us and help us celebrate 24 hours of giving with Omaha Gives and BBRH.

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Address: PO Box 554
Boys Town, NE 68010
In 2016 BBRH helped over 200 dogs find loving homes. We partner with Petsmart and other local rescue groups to hold adoption events in Omaha and Sarpy County. We rescue dogs from Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee and help transport dogs to and from St Louis, Kansas City and Lincoln as well as Omaha.
We always need volunteers and foster families to help assist in our educational and rescue efforts. No special skills or experience is required of volunteers - just a big heart, time on your hands, and a desire to help homeless dogs. If you're interested in being a part of Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland, we would love to have you join us!
Sadie is an 8-year old, 17-pound beagle, from southern Missouri. She suffered multiple injuries including a broken vertebrae, brain trauma, loss of vision in one eye, hearing loss, and weakness in her back legs due to nerve damage from being hit by a car.
Today, while still recovering, Sadie is thriving and having a great time in foster care. She is a super affectionate dog that loves to sit on laps and play with toys. She is outgoing and friendly - and loves everyone she meets.

Suzi arrived from Northern Iowa in late December, She had numerous infected wounds and her ears were infected and bloody both inside and out. Our first task was a vet visit to try and get her skin and ears healed and required multiple treatments. She had to wear a donut and t-shirt in order to give her a chance to recover and prevent her from injuring herself more. She would cry when touched, even though she clearly desired the affection of her foster family. She craved soft blankets and dog beds after being returned to a shelter by her family, then transferred to another concrete and chainlink shelter, and eventually to us. She would guzzle her food as if she hadn't eaten for days and was a little thin on arrival, sometimes showing food aggression to the other dogs in the home. Over time, her wounds healed, but she continued to scratch constantly from her severe allergies, leaving bald spots and scabs. We tried numerous different treatments until we finally found one that seems to curb the itching and provide her some much needed relief. She has always been well behaved and never had any accidents in the house, and although she initially feared the kennel after her past experiences, she now kennels herself in the mornings when her foster family leaves for work and school. She loves to go for walks and car rides and wake the children up in the mornings and has learned to play tug and fetch with her toys and loves to lay in the sun on the deck. She has learned to pace herself with her meals and her food aggression has practically disappeared. Suzi still adores her soft blankets and dog beds where she dreams of a forever home while snuggling with her foster family. BBRH has spent a significant amount of money getting her healed and comfortable and always made the choice that was best for Suzi, not the cheapest.