Tri-Center Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization which awards scholarships to Tri-Center High School (Neola, Iowa) graduating seniors who wish to further their post-secondary education. Various fundraisers are held each year. Applicants are scored in the areas of grade point average, ACT scores, work history, community service and recommendation by a faculty member. As of May, 2014 we have given 462 scholarships in the total amount of $272,000.00.

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Address: P. O. Box 37
Neola, IA 51559
Tri-Center Scholarship Foundation, Inc., and its predecessor chapter formed under Scholarship America - Dollars for Scholars, has held many fundraisers since its inception in 1991. Through the tireless work of the many volunteers, and generous endowments left to the chapter from local resident's estates, we have increased our scholarship award from $250.00 (for two year college) and $400.00 (for four year college) to $1,000.00 to qualifying students for the use in their two year, four year or trade school post-secondary education. One of the largest fundraisers we hold is the Annual Theme Luncheon. Hosts/Hostesses decorate their table with a theme of their choice and invite guests to sit at the table for a lunch prepared by Tri-Center Scholarship Foundation, Inc. members and volunteers. Raffles are held in conjunction with the luncheon. The recent luncheon, March 28, 2015, netted more than $5,000.00 for our organization - that equals to 5 scholarships!!! Plans are now in place to hold a Garden Walk fundraiser this summer.