Nothing But Net Foundation

Nothing But Net Foundation (NBN) was founded in 2000 to address unmet needs in the areas of health, fitness and education. Key programs: NBN After-School Programs, which has hosted 100+ students daily and nurtures the development of leadership skills; Youth Leadership Camp- a 10 week program that runs daily during the summer; Books & Basketball Academy, which stresses academic success but also introduces basketball skill development that has never been offered in North or South Omaha.

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Address: 3223 N. 45 St
Omaha, NE 68104
NBN primary goal is to provide an after school program, The NBN Books & Basketball Academy, that has never been offered in North or South Omaha and provide this service at such cost that ANY child that would like to participate that financial barrier is removed! The scholarship cost NBN would like to offer for services would only be $50/child for the entire school year AND summer programming. Similar programming in other suburban locations is offered at $25/hr. This cost is the norm for such programming because the cost is actually higher at other locations ranging between $25-$50/hr of programming, per person! NBN would rather reach more kids with a much lower price structure and allow these kids to learn "how to play basketball" instead of just "playing basketball."

The Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy was developed to give a variety of kids an opportunity to receive additional homework assistance and to strengthen their basketball skill development, fundamentals and increase their overall knowledge of the game of basketball. The Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy is for elementary, middle school, or high school students who would like to participate. The participants in the program can come from any school and boys and girls are encouraged to attend. The Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy has two areas of focus:

The academic portion of the Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy focuses on giving kids an opportunity to receive additional homework assistance with an enrichment activity incentive of basketball skill development all within one program. The youth will be split up by grade level. Based on the academic subject, tutors will assist the youth with their homework and answer as many of their questions as possible. We are recruiting retired teachers for the academic component, as well as volunteers with academic backgrounds, Kiwanis groups with former teachers, as well as current students who may excel in a particular subject and may be looking for volunteer hours. The currently enrolled students have the ability to assist participants in the same grade level because they may have a better understanding of that subject or assist students in a lower grade where they may excel in that subject matter.

The basketball portion of the Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy will be two hours of intense basketball skill development, fundamentals and increasing their overall knowledge of the game. Former college and semi-professional basketball staff will lead in teaching AND demonstrating basketball drills, fundamentals and learning techniques that the kids can implement into their individual game and utilize those skills in game time situations.

With the basketball skill development, the kids love the opportunity to get better at the sport they enjoy the most! Within OPS, Omaha Public Schools, basketball has the highest number of tryout participants, and diverse participants with gender, race and economic backgrounds. Basketball is the only sport that can be played on its natural playing surface 365 days a year! Thus, it's popularity. There is no other sport that a child can play all by themselves and actually improve. There is minimum cost for shoes and for many parents their basketball shoes can be worn as school shoes and basketball shoes, again no other sport apparel can have such a dual purpose.

The kids we have talked to love the opportunity to participate in the Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy because they know the program can make them better at their #1 sport. We are able to work with kids of various skill level and if they are on a team or trying out for a team. As their skills increase, they are able to take the skills they learn from our program and implement those skills on their various teams. That's another way our kids are promoting our program because kids are asking kids from their program "where did you learn how to do that?"

If the kids are not on a current team or didn't make their school team, we continue to work with those kids to develop their skills. With the increasing number of participants, we are able to create various teams from the number of kids attending our program.

Our Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy is also getting support from our community. We have various meetings set up to discuss our program with community organizations to tell them more about our program and ask those organizations what type of assistance we could provide. We are in the planning phase of setting up service learning projects such as community clean-ups, loading up boxes and crates at local food pantry's and working on community gardens.

NBN wants to level the "Playing Field" with hosting the Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy.

There is no question that receiving extra coaching, practice and skill development in basketball is a huge advantage for kids that are able to participate in such activities. We have talked to a numerous amount of kids, parents, coaches and athletic directors about our program and overwhelmingly we receive kudos on creating our program. Prior to the Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy, the only basketball skill development programs were held in suburban locations and are very expensive!

There are several facts that we have gathered about similar programs like ours; the programs are located in suburban areas, majority of the kids that participate in these programs do so because they can afford it, they have consistent transportation to get to the program and that they are Caucasian. Our goal is to allow any child to participate in our Nothing But Net Books and Basketball Academy regardless of their race, color, creed or basketball ability.

"This program is an excellent opportunity for students of all abilities to get a good foundation of the game of basketball. This program can help develop the kids' skill set in basketball but also stress the importance of the kids' academic success." Donnie Morrison- Davis Middle School Athletic Director

"I think this would be a great program for kids to participate in. It's very rare to see several African American men, with college degrees, that grew up in North Omaha in similar household dynamics as many of the kids they are serving. Your staff is able to relate to those kids and that is more than half the battle. The program is also centrally located." Gaylen Gullie- Bryan High School Basketball Coach

"I have always wanted my son to participate in a program like this but when he brought home the price information from a location in West Omaha the price was $25/hr, two hours per night, twice per week. That $100/wk x 4 weeks is $400 which is more than all of my utility bills combined. I just could not afford it. But to have the same type of program and opportunity, in North Omaha and so much cheaper, this is a true blessing! Both of my kids can now attend!" Kristian McComb- Parent

"I am glad to see a program like this in North Omaha and affordable. I have three kids and I have to ration out extra curricular activities based on their cost, location and day of the week. Having a program all of my kids can participate in without worrying about the cost is so exciting. Thank you." Mrs. Hill- Parent of three boys