RESPECT is a nonprofit organization in Nebraska started in 2000 to use a community collaboration to build healthy relationships among children and youth through theatre. We value a genuine dialogue that invites people to create healthy relationships while providing premier research-based theatre programs that get people talking. We contribute to the social well-being and mental-health of about 30,000 students each year and have reached over 400,000 participants since our inception.
RESPECT offers 14 educational theatre programs in addition to customized interactive trainings. These programs include interactive role playing, forum theatre and other techniques from drama education appropriate for ages preschool through adult. RESPECT educates, demonstrates and practices effective strategies and behaviors to help with the challenges of bullying and abuse and we share community resources so that individuals are able to help themselves and their peers effectively. See a full listing of our programs at
During our programs for students in Middle School and High School we allow students to submit anonymous questions or comments on notecards. Some of our most recent and powerful responses included the following:

-"You may have just saved my life."

-"The one [scene] about anorexia really helped me. I feel like it not only helped me but lots of other girls, too. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head!"

Teachers and staff often share comments like these:
-"Very real world! The stories in the skit really happen! Excellent!"