The Historic General Dodge House museum was the home of General Grenville M. Dodge in 1869. General Dodge was a Civil War veteran, railroad builder, Congressman, and businessman. The home showcases a variety of antiques, both original and examples of the era that flourished during Dodge's tenure in the home, 1869-1916. We strive to educate people of all ages about General Dodge and but also about life in the Victorian era both in Council Bluffs and around the world.
In addition to giving regular tours, the Historic General Dodge House is continuously adding different educational programs both on and off-site to engage others about life in Victorian America. Some of these programs include:
A Servant's Life - Students take on the life of a Dodge House servant, learning about the various jobs each servant had to complete on a daily basis.
Dressing the Victorian Lady - presenters model the multitude of layers a proper lady was expected to wear including the dreaded corset!
Soldier's Aid Society - A look at how women supported the Union Cause during the Civil War.
Presidential Ties - A program that features Dodge's personal connection to many U. S. Presidents.

We also host a variety of teas, lunches, dinners, special exhibits and events throughout the year, many of them sponsored by the General's Ladies.

These are just a few of the Historic General Dodge House's ever-expanding repertoire.