Spirit 102.7-FM's mission is simple: to help people encounter Jesus. Through the radio airwaves, our goal is to bring more people to the Truth that is the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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Address: 13326 A Street
Omaha, NE 68144
Spirit 102.7-FM is Nebraska's only non-profit Catholic radio station. We do not ask for funding from any diocese and are completely listener-supported. In order to continue sharing the Gospel message over the radio airwaves, we need your support. Making a gift to Spirit 102.7-FM is an easy way to evangelize!

We feature family-friendly, faith-filled programming that is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Truth! The programming heard on Spirit Catholic Radio has the power to change lives. Since our beginning in 1999, Spirit Catholic Radio has heard stories of marriages being saved, people choosing not to end their own lives, young men and women joining the religious life, people joining or re-joining the Catholic faith, and others who have seen their lives transformed by the power of God's Word--all through the power of what they heard on Catholic radio.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift today.
"We live in a world where people are seeking truth, seeking something to fill their lives and their hearts. Catholic radio crosses all areas of society. We hear every day, with the various programming, people who call in to testify that Catholic radio planted the seed which changed their lives. One by one, Catholic radio adds one more person to the body of Christ." -Nancy, listener.

"Spirit Catholic Radio fulfills our call as Catholics to the New Evangelization. By donating, volunteering, listening and persuading others to listen, we are all part of the mission of Catholic Radio. Whether its to deepen your own catechesis, or if you're hearing the Word of God for the first time, Catholic Radio is deeply needed by our world." -Hope, listener.

"It has helped me grow in so many ways, I've noticed if there is a morning I can't tune in my whole demeanor is off the entire day! I'm sure my co-workers and family benefit unknowingly when I listen." -Vickey, listener.