The Institute for Public Leadership (IPL) empowers diverse and emerging communities by developing leaders to act for justice and the common good. IPL is affiliated with Omaha Together One Community (OTOC). IPL focuses on leaders from diverse faiths, races, and socio-economic backgrounds including refugees and immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America, faith-based and community organizations. IPL. Investing in People. For the Common Good.

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Address: 3647 Lafayette Ave; Room 106
Omaha, NE 68131
IPL trains the leaders of Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) and supports the work of these OTOC Action Teams:

***Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Action Team-- work to improve housing conditions and neighborhoods throughout Omaha.

***Predatory Lending Action Team--organizing to convince the Unicameral to put reasonable regulation on Pay Day Lending businesses which currently put many low income working families in a "debt trap."

***Immigrant and Refugee Communities Action Team-organizing to support fair treatment of immigrants and refugees, and are currently working to promote and support permanent legal status for Dreamers and recipients of Temporary Protected Status.

***Environmental Sustainability Action Team-teaching about impact of climate change on our community.

***Mental Health Action Team Action Team-working to identify and reduce the existing gaps in our behavioral health care system.

***Health Care for All Action Team-organizing community support so that working poor have access to affordable health insurance through expanded Medicaid, even if they fall in the coverage gap.

IPL is currently working with refugee leaders to teach refugee communities about their Rights and Responsibilities as tenants.
Gilbertine Nyonzima, Presenter and Interpreter for Refugee Rights and Responsibilities Trainings:
"I am thankful to IPL for funding this education program for new refugees in the US, which teaches tenant and landlord responsibilities in a language he/she understands. I am privileged to help them understand things I was so confused about a couple of years ago. I am glad this program allows me to help my community and get paid to do it."

Greta Carlson, Lutheran Volunteer Corps Organizing Intern:
"I am so thankful to IPL for giving me a job! But this is a lot more than just a job for me. I've truly enjoyed building powerful relationships, learning about the method of social change that IPL teaches and OTOC uses, and practicing skills I can use for the rest of my life no matter what I am doing. This whole year is like a training session for my life!"

Charles Gould, Leader for the Housing Action Team for OTOC
"Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about organizing. I got to go to a national training this year where I learned the value of sharing the principles of organizing. I'm glad to be a part of an organization that is building community in a meaningful way by teaching those leadership skills."