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A Time to Heal is a holistic rehabilitation program to help cancer survivors and caregivers regain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health after cancer treatment. So that cancer survivors and their caregivers may create their best lives, we provide support, education and empowerment. Our values are: Compassion for all touched by cancer; Deep respect for every person's potential for wellness; Commitment to proven strategies; and Collaboration with the healthcare community

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Address: CEC 219C, University of NE at Omaha 6001 Dodge St
Omaha, NE 68184
A Time to Heal offers a 12-week rehabilitation program in two formats; one which is open to women diagnosed with any form of breast cancer and one for men, women, and caregivers diagnosed with any type of cancer. These groups meet weekly, each session includes gentle stretching exercises, education on relevant topics, group discussion, and demonstration of "power tools" specific to coping and healing. These programs are free to participants thanks to the generous support from sponsors and benefactors. Research and experience have shown that the components of A Time to Heal make a positive difference in the well-being of cancer survivors.

Cancer Related Brain Fog is offered by A Time To Heal; it is an 8-week program designed to instruct cancer survivors about the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on brain function. Each session includes education, assignments, and techniques to improve organization, memory, and mood in everyday life. Research shows that people who attend all sessions and complete assignments improve on memory, task management, and psychological well-being.

A Time to Heal sponsors the only Metastatic Cancer Support Group in the Omaha area for metastatic cancer survivors and their adult family members diagnosed with any type of cancer. This group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month to engage in group discussion, education, and empowerment.

"Joining A Time to Heal group was the best present that I could have ever given myself. I left the class with renewed hope and peace, and I knew that I could have an even better life after cancer." -Virginia, ATTH graduate

"This group is a Godsend. The comfort of being with folks who live with the ambiguity and anxiety of stage 4 cancer is priceless. The members are full of courage, humor, and love...don't miss it." -Carlynn, Metastatic Support Group

"This wonderful program helps cancer survivors move beyond the routine of doctor's visits and chemotherapy/radiation treatments. Whenever I get a call about someone going through cancer, I say "When your ready, A Time to Heal is the program for you?"" -Bill, health care professional

"My "brain fog" was so frustrating for me that I had little motivation to even start a task...in the last 8 weeks of this program I have accomplished more and feel more encouraged and energized than I have in recent years..." -Jane, Brain Fog graduate

"This group is a very big part of my healing and is keeping me strong. We focus on the positive good things happening. I might start a session feeling down, but always leave with a smile, a good pick-me-up. When you are dealing with serious cancer, you need to choose to go about living and finding a joy-filled path. For me, this is the best place to be." -Rose, Metastatic Support Group

"After my last treatment, I felt "unfinished," asking myself, "Now what? Is that it? Where do I go from here?" A Time to Heal gave me the direction I was looking for." -Steve, ATTH graduate

"I was told I had 3-12 months to live. We were shocked and felt we were sent home to die. This group has given us hope, helped, and encouraged us. I'm happy to report we've passed both 3 and 12 month marks and are enjoying living each day to the fullest." -Judy, Metastatic Support Group

"A Time to Heal was like a massage to heart and soul." -Diana, ATTH graduate

"It made my thoughts process so much clearer. I was able to focus on steps and clarify my goals. Super helpful! -Jim, Brain Fog graduate

"A Time to Heal has allowed me to continue healing in ways I had not anticipated." -Mary, ATTH graduate