The Pillar Seminary

Pillar Seminary exists to make ministry leaders better. Whether you are the lead pastor of a large urban church or a small group leader in a rural neighborhood, we want to equip you to lead at the highest level possible.

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Address: 10845 Harney St
Omaha, NE 68154
Ministry leaders are constantly pouring themselves out for others. Our job at The Pillar is to pour back into them. So when creating the curriculum we interviewed hundreds of pastors and asked them what they wanted or wished they would have gotten in a seminary. The resounding answer was bible and leadership. Pillar Seminary took their findings and have created the program pastors want and need: in-depth contextual bible and practical leadership skills specifically designed for the church.
"As someone who previously attended three different seminaries, I can affirm The Pillar is truly something special. If I could do it again, this is where I would have done all of my post graduate studies."
- Aaron

"Being at Pillar has heightened my awareness of the responsibility entrusted to us as the church in how we handle God's word."
- Jared

"Pillar has given me practical ways to understand the context of the Bible. Their high regard for the Bible and their commitment to give it the time and effort it deserves, has changed me."
- Alicia

"I came to Pillar Seminary so I could better lead, teach and equip students to find the truth of who God is. I am walking out both a better leader and teacher but also a more passionate follower."