Matt's Music Memorial

Help us Make Music Possible for kids from all walks of life! Operated out of Gretna, NE, we provide instruments to kids who want to participate in local music programs from District 66, to York, to Conestoga, touching many schools in between.

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Address: PO Box 332 Gretna
NE, NE 68028
Matt's Music Memorial was started in honor of Army CPL Matthew Lee Alexander after his death in Baqubah, Iraq on May 6, 2007.

Matthew enjoyed life; he always had a smile on his face and a constant willingness to help. Music was a passion for him growing up. He played percussion in the Gretna Bands throughout middle school and high school as well as volunteered on the uniform committee and spent many study halls in the band room to do odds and ends chores for the instructors. The band room was always a second home to him.

After graduating from Gretna in 2004, Matthew joined the Army as an infantryman. He had often talked about joining the military and told his friends and family that he felt called to help. During mid-tour leave on his first tour overseas he married Kara Boerger-Alexander, his friend of 13 years and Gretna bandmate.

On May 6, 2007 Matthew and five others were killed overseas by an improvised explosive device. He never made it home from his first tour.

Shortly after that, Matt's family started the Matthew Lee Alexander Memorial Foundation, shortened to Matt's Music Memorial later on. Kara serves as our current Board President, and most of his immediate family make up the current Board of Directors. We know that Matthew would want others to have the opportunity to experience the personal growth and enjoyment he found through his band experiences and we are excited to be able to honor him and keep his memory alive through this amazing foundation.

Because cost should never prevent a child from access to instrumental music education, we work hard to be sure every child recommended to us is accepted into our program. With the help of generous donors we are proud to say that we have NEVER turned down a child. We purchase and refurbish instruments for children who would like to participate in their school's instrumental music programs but cannot afford the start up costs. We also handle all maintenance and repairs related to normal wear and tear of an issued instrument. Students are accepted into our program through the recommendation of their instructors.
"Several years ago my oldest son started band. Neither my family nor his mothers' family have ever been in band before. It was completely new to me. My son chose the tenor sax which delighted me, but also horrified me when I found out how much they cost. I was in some pretty dire financial straits. That was when I found out about Matt's Music Memorial. You have no idea how grateful I was and what a relief it was to have of some of the financial burden eased. I'm glad to say that my son is in high school now and is still in band, jazz band and show choir. My two younger sons followed in his footsteps with the trombone and trumpet. I just wanted to tell you how much Matt's legacy has affected us in such a positive way. I will be forever grateful. Much love." -High School Parent (Name left out to protect privacy of the child)

"My son is loving his clarinet! My first kid that truly wants to practice. Thank you so much!" -Middle School Parent (Name left out to protect privacy of the child)

"We feel so blessed to have the opportunity for our son to pursue something he loves and is good at with Matt's Music Memorial's help! There are so many things on our financial plate that we're still working through, and I'm not sure we'd be able to do this without your help. Again thank you so much!!!" -Middle School Parent (Name left out to protect privacy of the child)

"I thought you might like to know about the great impact one of your instruments has had! We had a bass clarinet given to our school last year by a local music company. That motivated 3 different kids to get to work on their practicing, then one of them got their own bass clarinet from Matt's Music Memorial. Now, one of them was just accepted into the 8th Grade All State Band, one was an alternate for the Nebraska High School All State Band, and two of them will likely be in the Class C All State Band! Amazing!!! Thank you SO much!!!" -Emiley Bond, Lincoln Christian Band Instructor