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Chariots4Hope is a faith-based organization that provides automobiles to low income families and individuals in need of transportation who have been recommended to us by one of our referring organizations. Chariots4Hope exists because of our generous donors, volunteers and community partners who understand that reliable transportation is a vital component for self-sufficiency - a requirement for stable employment, the care of children, and the pursuit of education.

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Address: PO Box 390593
Omaha, NE 68139
People who have had their lives derailed for whatever reason often come through programs that help get them back on the right track. They have a desire to change their circumstances, but this often is hindered by a lack of transportation. You could be the difference in that person's life that changes their destiny from one of continued heartbreak and disappointment to one of achievement and self worth.
Chariots4Hope did exactly that, give me Hope. Receiving this car was like a jumpstart in my life, it gave me an opportunity to actually be independent and focus on things like going to school, getting a job, and being able to be involved with group and church. It was also a great reminder of Gods love and how everyone at Chariots4Hope are true reflections of Christ by just being obedient and blessing me and many others. Finding out that I was not only getting this awesome car that I love so much and appreciate, but the fact that there were no strings attached and it was mine makes me cry just thinking about it. The biggest thing about receiving the car was it showed me I deserve good things and I didn't always believe that. So thank you again, again

"The gift of receiving this car from Chariots4Hope has definitely helped myself and more importantly helped my family. The past few years have been challenging to say the least. We have not had our own way of transportation and have had to rely on friends and family to even go to the grocery store. I've been relying on public transportation to get to and from work. This blessing has afforded us the chance to be once again self reliant and also helps us appreciate the responsibility of finally being able to take care of what we need and have to do. Having our own vehicle helps my wife get to her doctor's appointments, attend church on a regular basis and visit friends and family more often. After what we have experienced the last couple of years we truly feel blessed to have a little more independence once again. All Glory to God."

"I would like to start off with how grateful I truly am to be blessed with the 2001 Dodge Caravan from Chariots4Hope! I have been able to attend parent teacher conferences and other activities with my children. I also have been able to spend more time with my family, since my children and I are now able to drive and come visit them. Everyday while I take my 3 boys, Elijah, Logan, and Jaycob to daycare we pray and thank God for providing for our family!!  I want to sincerely thank all the donors, volunteers, and staff at Chariots4Hope, Open Door Mission and Lydia House for helping me change my life around! I know all things are possible thru Christ and I am proud to walk by faith!
I can't say THANK YOU enough! God Bless!!!"