We serve people of ALL faith backgrounds, or no faith background. College students are in an important time of identity formation. In college, young people make important choices about who they will become. What values will define my life and work? Will I continue to be engaged in my faith? Will I be part of a church? Through campus ministry, we walk with students through this important developmental time.

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Address: 4720 Randolph Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
Ministry programs include worship in various forms and at different times; multiple opportunities for Christian faith development, such as Bible studies and discussion groups; vocational discernment experiences; community service and outreach activities; mission trips; congregational involvement; and pastoral care.
"Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry has helped me to grow, not just because of uplifting worship or the opportunity to take on leadership roles, but because it is a place where I have experienced Christian community at its best. It is a place where I have experienced church that isn't just on Sunday mornings- Students volunteer together, hang out together, and are there for each other when someone is hurting. I have learned the most…not from organized Bible studies or skilled preaching (though we have both), but from the opportunity to ask questions and wrestle with potential answers."

"God and Grads has enriched my life in many ways. First off, I was able to get together with a group of peers, that at the beginning of this group were all strangers, and have grown in faith and friendship through conversations and events with God and Grads. Second, I have learned more about my beliefs and what my faith journey looks like since being a part of this group. Finally, I have been able to explore my soon to be wife's faith with her, and we have as a couple grown stronger in our relationship with one another and with God because of God and Grads."