Inviting people into Christ through authentic community and growing one's faith. This is our focus for the students and community of NeLCM-Omaha. We serve people of ALL faith backgrounds, or no faith background at all. In college, people make important choices about who they will become. What values will define my life and work? Will I continue to be engaged in my faith, or be part of a church? Through campus ministry, we walk with students through this important developmental time.

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Address: 4720 Randolph Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
Ministry programs include worship in various forms and at different times; multiple opportunities for Christian faith development, such as Bible studies and discussion groups; vocational discernment experiences; community service and outreach activities; mission trips; congregational involvement; and pastoral care.
Jenny- "NeMO has been a very important part of my life in college. It's a great way for me to get to know other college students and grow in my faith. I have made a lot of new friends at NeMO, and I love coming to the meetings and spending time with everyone, doing Bible studies, and playing games."

Joanna- "I love NeMo because it is a community to which I can belong, share my story and learn from others. And Mafia and games are fun!"

Carrie- "I like NeMO because I feel welcome and it's a good destressor to end the week with a bunch of awesome people that I always look forward to seeing."

Zach- "I like NeMO Because of all the amazing and kind-hearted people."

Jacob - "I like Nemo because of the accepting atmosphere and have continued going because of new friendships that share the same faith as me."

Zoe- "I go to NeMO because I like discussing important topics that are occurring around the world."

Sara- "I like going to NeMO because it's a special time I have set aside every week to discuss scripture and hang out with great people. I'm very lucky to have found such an awesome group of people!"

Zac- "It a place where someone that is a little bit asocial can have an easier time socializing with others."

Allison- "I love NeMO because it gives me the opportunity to learn the Word while connecting with people my age that I wouldn't have had the chance to meet without NeMO!"

Kiah- "I love NeMO because it's an opportunity to hang out with Christians my age, learn about how awesome God is, and eat yummy cupcakes."
Hosanna- "I come to NEMO because I want to learn more about Christianity. I wanted to enjoy learning with friends. NEMO has shown me, in different ways, how people see God. I understand, now, God loves us all even our uniqueness and quirks!"

Krista- "I love being a part of NeMO because I get a chance to talk about my faith with students that are my age. We are going through similar situations and I think that brings us together perfectly. I love that I am able to speak freely in a comfortable environment. I have a fabulous time hanging out the the friends I have made at NeMO!"