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The 12 Step House is a non profit organization dedicated to people that meet in groups to recover from their addictions to alcohol, gambling and other substances & issues. The 12 Step House is governed by a Board of Directors who serve in a voluntary capacity to provide a clean, safe meeting facility. Our quest is that all people looking for recovery find our facility comfortable, welcoming and a place to heal from their addictions with the support of others in recovery.

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Address: 7306 Grant St.
Omaha, NE 68134
The 12 Step House facility holds in excess of 50 meetings per week & serves over 50,000 attendees annually
From Anonymous
I moved to Omaha several years ago. I began my journey into sobriety 3 years prior to moving to Nebraska and I was VERY nervous to leave my comfort zone. I am a sober alcoholic. Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life and leaving my AA family caused much anxiety. When I arrived in Omaha, I googled Omaha Area AA. That is when I found the 12 Step House. When I arrived at the meeting I was amazed! The 12 Step House was a welcoming facility housing meetings at all times of the day, truly whenever I needed one. If you know an addict or alcoholic, you understand what I mean :). The house has now become my new AA home and my AA family continues to grow because of it. Now it is my time to give back. With 5000 people coming through the doors off the 12 Step House every month, wear and tear is inevitable. While new carpet, paint, and air-conditioning aren't a requirement for sobriety, it certainly helps in creating a welcoming safe environment which welcomes the Newcomer to their new way of life. This year, the 12 Step House is celebrating their 30th Year! My hope for this year is that enough funds are raised to keep this wonderful facility around for the next 30 years, saving lives just like mine every day.