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Heartland Workforce Solutions Inc. (HWS) promotes and develops a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of business and career seekers resulting in economic prosperity. Individuals can receive one-on-one assistance with assessments, training, job search, supportive services, if eligible, as well as access to a bank of computers, printer, and fax. We partner with Omaha business's to hold job fairs and on-site job interviews at the American Job Center.

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Address: 5752 Ames Avenue
Omaha, NE 68104
HWS works to have a collective impact on workforce development in the community. By funding training for more than 20 different agencies, youth and adults will be provided training to enhance their ability to obtain and retain employment. There are 19 partner programs co-located at the American Job Center. With the resources available through the Center, youth, low income, unemployed/underemployed, and laid off and displaced workers, receive the assistance they need with employment, training and education.
Katie a married, mother of two who was on SNAP and TANF enrolled in WorkOpps, one of the programs supported through HWS and the American Job Center in December. Katie was in the final year of her Bachelor's program and needed assistance paying for for school and she also wanted help securing employment once she earned her degree. Katie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and has been hired full-time as an RN for a major health system. Katie has gained her independence from public assistance.