Inclusive Communities is a human relations organization confronting prejudice, bigotry and discrimination through educational programs that raise awareness, foster leadership and encourage advocacy for a just, respectful and inclusive society. Inclusive Communities has been working with schools, businesses and throughout our community for 80 years to help achieve this goal. Please visit our website:

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Address: 6001 Dodge Street #122
Omaha, NE 68182
Since 1938, Inclusive Communities has served the Nebraska, Iowa and the region by directing our efforts in the areas of youth, community and workplace human relations and leadership programming to achieve our mission of creating inclusive communities.

Two of our most recognized programs are IncluCity and Omaha Table Talk. Our mission-driven programs enhance and develop skills in: intergroup understanding, critical thinking, teamwork, conflict resolution, cultural respect and community-building.

IncluCity is a four-day, residential leadership and skill building experience that brings together a diverse group of 75 high school student delegates representing 3 to 5 schools at a time. With the guidance of a well-trained volunteer staff, IncluCity delegates learn skills to confront and challenge prejudice, bias and stereotypes and discover new ways to become allies for one another.

The program also works to reduce acts of school violence and bullying by challenging the assumptions, attitudes and beliefs around issues of difference (appearance, gender, race, faith, sexual orientation, ability, etc.) Along with students, two faculty members from each participating school are selected to take part as advisory staff in the program to further support delegates as they return to their schools and take personal responsibility in creating safe, welcoming and respectful communities.

Omaha Table Talk is one of the first local human-relations programs to provide facilitated and structured, but informal gatherings of people of different ethnicities and cultures throughout our community, engaging in conversations about diversity & inclusion over dinner. Each month different themes and topics are highlighted for discussion. Such facilitated discussions lead to an understanding of differences and greater respect to help eliminate prejudice and inequities in our community.
"Every aspect of who I am today has been shaped by my experience at IncluCity. The camp truly made me view my entire existence much differently. Before IncluCity I never recognized my potential. I sincerely felt like a failure because I could never achieve the standards of greatness society had presented me with. Inclusive Communities not only believed in my abilities and valued me as a person, they showed me how to view positive aspects of myself." - IncluCity participant

"Thank you for thinking about us. Sometimes as teenagers we feel excluded and dumbed down for our age. By providing for this camp, you've expressed your support and alliance with us as people. If it weren't for this camp, the weight of the world would still be on my shoulders. Thank you." Lauren Johnson, IncluCity participant