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The Omaha Chamber Music Society (OCMS) is committed to sharing chamber music through performance, outreach, community service and education. Performances include the Summer Concert Series; Eko Nova, a new music collaboration with KANEKO; and an annual concert at the Jewish Community Center. OCMS's outreach and community service is reflected in its partnership with Hospice House, and participation in the Music as Medicine series at UNMC. OCMS also has education partnerships throughout the area.

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Address: 7914 West Dodge Rd #364
Omaha, NE 68114
What We Do:
Summer Concert Series - The Omaha Chamber Music Society (OCMS) will present its Summer Concert Series in June and July of 2018. Four full-length live chamber music concerts will be offered on consecutive Sunday afternoons. As in past years, the finest professional musicians with connections to the greater Omaha community will be featured.

In the fall of 2015, the Omaha Chamber Music Society launched Eko Nova, a collaboration with KANEKO to introduce Omaha audiences to some of the most innovative and inspiring music being written today. OCMS just finished its third season, with the final concert featuring internationally renowned cellist Joshua Roman and "superheroes of the new music world" JACK Quartet.

Outreach - During the 2017-18 season, OCMS is happy to continue working with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to provide programming for four of UNMC's free Music as Medicine concerts. Concerts are held at the Durham Outpatient Building and are offered to patients, staff and the general community; often, patients, their visitors, and staff are able to enjoy the concert from multiple levels of the Durham Outpatient Atrium, and the music can be heard throughout the building.

Service - OCMS also provides musicians to play for residents and loved ones at Hospice House, using music to provide comfort and solace in a difficult time. In the past year, approximately 2500 people were touched by these outreach efforts, and musicians visit 7 times each month.

Education Programs - OCMS believes that chamber music has much to teach in areas such as communication, teamwork, leadership and self-expression. During the 2017-18 season, OCMS launched "Good Vibrations", a program that helps students with privately owned instruments repair and maintain those instruments at no cost to the student or their families. OCMS also believes that students who are taught to assess and address problems with their instrument will not only take better care of it, but will feel more invested in their music-making - when an instrument is able to work properly, so is the musician!
"Thank you for such a stellar performance. The music was beautiful, interesting, and fun to watch."

"It was like having a concert in my living room. Very intimate and enjoyable." - Eko Nova audience member

"The [musicians] who came over were great. They taught me so much. It was the best thing ever. I want the 7th graders to have the same experience." - McMillan Magnet Center student

"The greatest treat of all is the reaction residents have while listening. Many smile or clap, others hum along to the familiar tune, and still others may simply drift into a peaceful sleep. From the slow creep of a smile to a sparkle in their eyes, it is wonderful to see how music can transform." - Gary George, Executive Director, The Hospice House

"I enjoyed watching students become better musicians over the course of the day. The joy of music learning in their eyes made my day." -- Teacher of chamber music clinic participant