Film Streams is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to enhance the cultural environment of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area through the presentation and discussion of film as an art form.

Our organization oversees two wonderful and distinct cinemas: the Ruth Sokolof Theater, the two-screen venue we opened in 2007 in North Downtown, and the historic Dundee Theater, Omaha's last surviving single-screen neighborhood cinema, which we're in the process of renovating and plan to reopen by 2018.
Film Streams' Ruth Sokolof Theater - and the Dundee Theater to come - is open seven days a week and hosts a variety of programs within five principal areas:

First-Run Films
American independents, documentaries, and foreign films making their theatrical premieres in Omaha and the surrounding region.

Repertory Selections
Classic films, themed series, director retrospectives, and revivals celebrating the history and cultural spectrum of the art of film, presented with the highest quality 35mm prints and DCP restorations available.

Arts in Education
Year-round opportunities for students to engage with film as an art form, including Daytime Education Screenings for visiting classes and a monthly Student Night the first Monday of every month when any regularly scheduled program is free with valid school ID.

Community Development
Collaborative screenings and discussions with other nonprofits in the Omaha area, using film as a springboard for important conversations about the world at large and our community in particular.

Special Programs
Q&As with visiting filmmakers, live musical performances to silent classics, an annual Local Filmmakers Showcase celebrating the work of area artists, and other special events complementing each of the aforementioned areas.
"I like hearing about a film or filmmaker in the national media and being able to see it at Film Streams immediately, and not months down the road. It's nice to see films when they are relevant and new, and Film Streams provides that to the Omaha area." - State Senator Tanya Cook

"The community involvement is a great plus, and I especially love the support Film Streams gives to local filmmakers. I appreciate that with the membership, the cost is low enough to make it a regular thing." - Film Streams Member Paul Allen

"[My daughter] really enjoyed the CITIZEN KANE viewing yesterday… I admitted to her that I had not seen CITIZEN KANE and now she is insisting that I see it so we can talk about it - so not only did you provide her with an educational opportunity but you're facilitating continuing interaction. Thanks for doing all that you do." - parent of Central High School student