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Share A Fare was founded by the Omaha Council of the Blind, in 1993, and became a 501c3, in 2003. The nonprofit was developed to fill unmet transportation needs of blind and visually impaired citizens, in the Greater Omaha Area. Share A Fare programs assist all ages who are legally blind, or whose visual impairment prohibits driving. Programs provide transportation to work, school, and medical appointments, to enjoy culture, worship, and shop, helping the blind to live full, independent lives.

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Address: PO Box 6253
Omaha, NE 68106-0253
Share A Fare offers two programs to help the blind and visually impaired to meet their transportation needs.

Our Cab Subsidy Program is the flagship program of Share A Fare and allows blind and visually impaired residents to purchase Happy Cab or City Taxi cab coupon books, monthly, at a 50% discount. In recent years, each participant has been allowed a value equaling $75.00 of cab coupons a month, costing the participant $37.50. Coupons can be purchased online, or through the mail. In 2018, we provided this service, through this program, to 412 participants.

2018 marks the beginning of a new program for Share A Fare, piloted in 2017 and now available to all program participants. Our Uber/Lyft Ride Share Reimbursement Program offers increased convenience to participants as a new affordable transportation option. Approved participants may submit electronic receipts to Share A Fare, requesting a quarterly reimbursement. Share A Fare will reimburse 50% of the Uber and Lyft ride share costs, up to $37.50 per month, matching the value of the Cab Subsidy Program. The benefits of this program are expanded convenience, no use of cash or coupon pre-purchase, and email submission of receipts for reimbursement. Both Uber and Lyft mobile apps are completely accessible with VoiceOver offering door-to-door service, at the touch of a button.
"To the board of directors: Your program has enriched my life." -Marion

"Public transportation in my area is not good. I do my best to plan rides with family and friends in advance. Sometimes I need to get somewhere on short notice, or simply have no other way to get where I need to go. Cabs are expensive. I use Share A Fare to go to places like my doctor, the store, church activities, or to meet friends. It is easy to use. I just feel better having the cab vouchers on hand, because they help me get to the places I need to go, independently and affordably." -Mark

"The Share-a-Fare programme has been most useful to my sister, who now lives in Omaha. I'd forgotten how hard it can be in most of the US to get places if one doesn't drive, even though this had a great effect on my teen years." -Anna

"I use the coupons to go to my synagogue at 126 th and Pacific and Jewish Community center, 132 off from Dodge, transportation to airport and train station, trips home after 10:00 from Holland Performing and Orpheum Theater - all locations that MOBY will not go. Thank you to all the board members who help put out the coupons." -Jane