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Our mission is to resettle and empower refugees to become self-sufficient through direct services and educational programs.

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Address: 3610 Dodge St. Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68131
The Refugee Empowerment Center was founded by Sudanese refugees in 1997. Today in 2018, we continue to resettle refugees from all over the world.

Our support begins the moment new arrivals step off the plane at Eppley Airfield and continues throughout their journey of integration into Omaha.

Supportive services include:
+ Direct case management with former multi-cultural, multi-lingual refugees
+ Cultural orientation and transition assistance
+ Three levels of English classes
+ Employment Services: Employment Caseworkers assist all job-seeking refugee clients in preparing for and obtaining employment
+ Behavioral Health Counseling
+ Donations to help make their house into a home
+ Dedicated volunteers to mentor refugee clients and help them integrate into the community
+ Household budgeting and money management
+ Fair housing education and outreach
+ Drivers Education - Visual Test
+ So much more! For more info, visit our website at
"REC changed my family's life. Without their help, we would have had a much more difficult time resettling in Omaha from our Thai Refugee Camp. I am so grateful to now be working at this agency alongside my former caseworker, because I want to give back to the place that supported me when I first arrived" - Rhay Wah, current REC Americorps Volunteer

"I want to learn everything you have to teach us." - Bhakti Nepal, a former refugee from Bhutan

"Thank you so much, you are always so eager to help us." - May Sweet, a former refugee from Burma

" I carry REC love everywhere I go. What incredible people and place." - Amy Hughes, former REC Americorps member.