Our mission is to connect underserved youth with opportunities and resources to be successful students and active individuals. SAVE has a unique approach to out-of-school programming. SAVE offers tutoring/mentoring to youth in grades 3-8 that takes place at local universities, in college classrooms, lead by current students. This gives participants the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and often opens their eyes to the possibility of attending college some day.

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Address: 6304 S. 23rd Street
Omaha, NE 68107
"When we first got the kids in the classroom, I heard a kid say, 'She lives on my block,' and I thought to myself, 'Hey! I know him.' I told my story and later I heard the same kid tell another kid, 'She lives right across the street from me. If she can go to Creighton, I can go to Creighton.' It was amazing for me to know that I influence people whether I'm at school or at work or at home." -Creighton Tutor

"I can speak from personal experience. It does help you and let you know that there is someone you can turn to for help. I wish I had something like the SAVE Program growing up." - Creighton Tutor

"It's phenomenal. It's a great feeling - just knowing there's someone out there that actually cares about these students besides the teacher because I can't do it all myself and their parents aren't always there to do it." -Toni Thomas, Teacher at Gateway Elementary

"The camps that the kids are involved with really gives the kids an opportunity to feel that they are valued and given equal opportunities that others across the city have." Roni Huerta, Omaha South High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director