Friends of the Bennington Library

Our organization promotes the interest and welfare of the Bennington Public Library. We support the library's literacy endeavors, encourage community involvement, and are currently raising funds to expand the Bennington Library at its current location. The expansion project will result in a top-rate library facility, modern information center, and ample community meeting space.

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Address: PO Box 110
Bennington, NE 68007
The Bennington Public Library expansion project will create not only a larger library, but a community engagement center to spur economic development in Bennington and foster community service opportunities. Find out more at:
"There are a number of good reasons I would encourage my friends, neighbors, and family to lend their time and money. It is an investment. It is something the community gets a return on-both immediately and over the long term…the library is a place where they can gather and center around…it is the heart of a community." - Mark Byars, Bennington School Board member