FAMILY, Inc. provides public health & family support services to women, children & families in Southwest Iowa. FAMILY's primary goal is to assist parents in becoming their child's first and most influential teacher through education, empowerment, & wellness. These services are administered in homes, shelters, & community settings. FAMILY works to ensure families have access to services & support that they need to allow their children to enter school healthy, safe & ready to learn.

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Address: 3501 Harry Langdon Blvd Suite 150
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
FAMILY provides home visits to families that are expecting a child or have a child under 5 years of age. Home visitation is provided by degreed and certified home visitors. FAMILY is a Parents As Teachers affiliate. Parents As Teachers is an evidence-based early childhood curriculum and model that helps children learn, grow and develop to reach their full potential. FAMILY's Parents As Teachers Home Visitation Program earned the Iowa Family Support Credential in December 2012.
FAMILY is the Title V Maternal Child Health provider for Pottawattamie and Mills Counties. Through this program, free in-home visits are provided by a Registered Nurse to all expecting and new parents to help families bring healthy babies into the world. The program continues to support health and wellness through the Child Health program through age 21 which includes regular medical, dental, vision and hearing checkups as well as information about immunizations, growth, nutrition, development and healthy lifestyles.
FAMILY has NHTSA trained car seat technicians and schedules car seat safety checks every other month. Checks are done by appointment only in 30 minute increments during our check events. Car seat checks are scheduled bi-monthly on the third Monday. Please check the Events page at for the next scheduled Car Seat Safety Check.
The I-Smile dental home project includes infrastructure building within the community of stakeholders, population based activities such as oral health education presentations and promotions, enabling services (including outreach, informing and care coordination) and gap-filling direct services (including oral health screenings, fluoride varnishes, and sealants).
"With my home visitor's help I got the courage to ask for help. I went back to school, started working and was able to move to a safe place for my kids. I have learned to believe in myself because I am worth it. Without FAMILY I would be right where I was. Without my home visitor I might not even be alive, let alone where I am."

"When the maternal health nurse comes I feel better about everything I'm doing for my daughter. "

"The support from My home visitor has been a lifesaver. She always has answers to all my worries and fears, etc. She has helped me understand all the stages and development that I had forgotten."

Estoy muy agradecido con mi educadora trabajadora Kelly porque cuando expreso cualquier situación que estoy pasando, ella y el programa me ayudan a resolverlo, especialmente con los asientos infantiles para niños. Ellos son muy útiles. Muchas gracias por todo tu apoyo.
(I am very grateful to my working educator Kelly because when I express any situation I'm going through she and the program help me to solve it, especially with the children's car seats. They are very helpful. Thank you very much for all your support.)

Dios continúa bendiciendo grandemente este programa y todos sus trabajadores porque la experiencia que he tenido ha sido muy útil para mis 4 hijos. Estoy feliz de ser parte de este programa y recomendarlo a muchas personas porque son una luz que a veces necesitamos. Muchas gracias. (God continue to bless greatly this program and all its workers because the experience I have had has been very helpful for my 4 children. I am happy to be part of this program and recommend it to many people because they are a light that sometimes we need. Thank you so much.)

"I-we, look so forward to our visits. They are fun, encouraging and the handouts help with more ideas of things to do in between visits. I do not know what I would have done without my home visitor. I am a worrier and I do so want my granddaughter to be the best she can be. I see a happy, imaginative, loving little person emerging from her!"

"No matter if you are an expecting Mom, seasoned mom or new Mom you have a voice. In some of the hardest times when I have wanted to give up this group has helped me through."

"We learned that reading can never begin too early. By reading to our kids as little babies, they were able to read some sight words and simple books upon entering Kindergarten. They have been strong readers ever since. It is something that they really enjoy!"

"Without the program I wouldn't know what to expect with my kids and would wonder all the time if they were where they were supposed to be developmentally. The Ages & Stages evaluations helped to understand how my child was developing and identify any concerns."

"I love the classes and group activities. They have helped me learn things, meet new people and build a support system. I wouldn't have these people in my life if I hadn't taken part in this program. We have met a lot of neat people that I can always call."

"This program was instrumental in helping learn in the most quick and efficient way, without having to struggle on my own, trying to find the best possible ways to raise my child during the first crucial years of a child's life."

"We received a lot of parenting ideas that we wouldn't have come up with on our own. Many activities were so simple you could create them with things you already had at home. The kids loved to do the activities the home visitation worker brought. Each visit gave us ideas of games and activities we could do with our kids to help them develop."

"Our home visitation worker helped me with certain difficult times and shared all the wonderful milestones! I learned that there are many people out there that can help families with many different situations or assistance in one way or another."